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    whats happening with cartoon kanokwan did she move to a dif. channel?
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    Yeah Some Of The Old Boran Actors Are Back No Offense But I Hate Nott As Pra'ek He Still Needs Work And Mild Is Okay But I wish Yam,Aom,Phone,James, Etc....was in more of the boran nowadays
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO]

    i'm not sure but from what it looks like or as some people are saying on youtube he's playing the villain role...
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO] the teaser, so weir (character) gets jakjaan (characters) pregenant @ looks interesting.! credit to: spicyforumnet
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    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai (GTH)

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    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai (GTH)

    Who uploading it on youtube? i only found episode up to 21?
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    [Ch7] Neur Manoot (DaraVdo)

    [center]i saw the word vampire.! haha sounds interesting by the title.! i was dissapointed cuz sbs & was wonder wen r they ever going to reunite and now my wish came true :))[/center]
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    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    i cant wait till this lakorn comes out does anyone know when its schedule to air? the only thing that is eh is ken floral shirts..i know he playin like a player but um....i dont think player where floral shirt lolz other than that i love wat ken wearin wth the black graphic shirt tho.!
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    Any romantic/comedy lakorn for Aff T.?

    Lately Aff been having alot of heavy drama lakorn... i wanna see her in a romantic/comedy... i don't know if she can pull it off but she did pretty good in mon ruk lottery with dan d2b... i want to see her in different genre of lakorn like maybe the scary type action comedy type... and maybe...
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    Kularb Neua Mek (DaraVDO)

    what happen between them?
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    Phone Katawut Pintong

    do you know who the girl was? from ch3? and is there a video of the interview on youtube or a website? if there is can some1 give me the link....
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    Rahus Lo-Gan (CH7)

    LOL i thought they were copying yuey fah ta din lol at 1st cuz i didnt read dis thread yett and i saw de teaser and they said somehthing with gang insee or watever how u spell it lol so yeah yuey fah tah din had somethin to do wit dat so hurmmmm......
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    okay i loved boran lakorn but i stop watching after sung tong sung tong turn out like a musical and comedy i miss lakorn like thep sarm rudoo etcs. so anwyay i didnt watch the rest after dar but i came to check how bla bloo tong doing and whoa i didnt know Aum p. was in there lol i would start...
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    Aff confim break and is talking to songkran hope they just stay as friends i like how she answer
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO]

    Okay so i think its for real that jakkajun going to be n'ek and it means my dad is a superstar i know in spicyforum net people were wondering if it was dad i'm a superstar or my dad a superstar... i think the lakorn sound cute and weir outfit looks so ahh Hott well from what i see in the video...
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    Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor

    Yeah Aff hasn't come out and said anything yet And Songkran i just hate that dude Aff smart she won't pick him ( i hope) It just a rumor or its true by Songkran who barley know Aff that long and that well actin' like they been best buddies for there whole life to give up info like dat...
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    Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor

    Here the link to his picture:
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    Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor

    I saw on lyn blog's and dirtii laundry that Aff broke up with her boyfriend of 10+ years... Songkran ( uggh hatem him) came out to say that he not a third hand and that he proving himself to Aff and Aff and Oor hasn't been talking for awhile now. Yes Songkran the guy who suddenly famous and in...
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    Bla Boo Tong 2009 Photos of new pra'ek and nang'ek!!

    What i don't understand is why give these newbies major roles? give them u know supporting roles and slowly expands so there acting gets better and we have time to adjust to them we have aont,phone,james,au,yam ( i think she in modern lakorn now--she n'ek in this new lakorn!), aom, fon i mean...
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    wow the dance at ma skool was fun!!! <33

    wow the dance at ma skool was fun!!! <33