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    More pictures of Shahkrit from Shahkrit's Board

    All these pictures taken from Shahkrit's Board. Thank you all Shahkrit's fans who posted them there. Starting with this cute little baby !
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    Shahkrit Yamnarm's the most Dangerous Man on Earth !!!

    All these photos from Shahkrit's Board, Khun Nud.
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    The music video of Krit's song, Gnom Gnai, in Krit ka Ja Baa Sud Sud

    Here are the link of his music video and another preview of the movie w/ some takeouts , so cute, Thanks to Criskaja, enjoy !!!
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    Shahkrit's song in his new movie !!

    Krit sings a song in his new movie with Jaa, Ngom Ngai (งมงาย), Body Slam's song. I bet he must have gone through training. He sings beautifully !! Here is the clip, thanks to khun Daeng who posted it in Shahkrit's small community who loves Krit, and especially the person who...
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    Photos of Shahkrit Yamnarm

    Thanks to khun Daeng & khun Sleepy (Shahkrit's board)