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  1. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    Finally Nin ! Can't wait to see the strong twin in action lol.
  2. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    I'm just waiting for Moonin to show up ! I just can't like the stupid Moota lol.
  3. solin

    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    Just watched the ending...and I was so so so disapointed. The worst ending ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. solin

    [MBC] The Moon that Embraces the Sun

    I'm totally crazy about this drama ! The story and the actors are so good
  5. solin

    Klin Gleab Kaa Sa Loong (Exact)

    I want to see Aerin as n'ek for once ! She should get the chance to portray the lead role because out of the CH5 newbies she is the best actress.
  6. solin

    Nang Sao Jumlang Ruk [Exact + CH7]

    The storyline seems funny but why out of all Ch5 actress they have to choose Pang ? However, I will probably give to this lakorn a try just because of Grace ! They should have made her be the n'ek instead.
  7. solin

    Kwarm Lub Kong Superstar 2 (Exact - Scenerio)

    I was very surprised to know that it will have a second part to this lakorn. I liked the first one but it was pretty boring to watch. With this presume cast, I think that it will be about the son or maybe a new story around new stars lol.
  8. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    But Prissana without her short shorts isn't really Prissana :lolyup:
  9. solin

    [Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)

    Another remake of Koo Kum ? I think that it is pretty soon to remake this lakorn Nadech is a good choice and it will be interresting to watch him in this role Moreover, his father could help him to speak japanese lol. But much as I love her, she looks too much chinese to be the n'ek...
  10. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Just watch the teaser and it makes me become even more excited :nailbiter: I love the teaser a lot and I know this lakorn will become one of my fave Janie was super funny in the beginning when she meets Ken lol. Everythig about this lakorn seem and look so perfect !
  11. solin

    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    Ken & Aff ? This lakorn doesn't interrest me anymore !
  12. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    Since it is unconfirm I would prefer he rejects the one with Susie if he has the makes a choice lol. If I can see my Andrew with Yaya and Ann so it would be the best thing ever !
  13. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    I really hope that CH3 producers will listen to viewers because I think that there is no more perfect couple for this remake than Yaya & Andrew ! These two perfectly match the characters and I can already imagine them in their roles. They not only have the physical look but also the vibre...I...
  14. solin

    Ruen Phaa (Exact & Scenerio)

    I just watched the first episode and the only thing which makes me want to continue this lakorn is Aerin in the opening lol. I don't really like the cast and especially the n'ek girl and the storyline seems already sad and boring...but I am a fan of Aerin so ...what kind of role will she portray...
  15. solin

    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    I also wish that Rita & Ken could act together just for once ! And to be honest I am tired of Ken & Anne together even if they are among my top actors...too much is too much ! Ken & Aff could be nice because it will be their second lakorn together but I am not a fan of Aff lol.
  16. solin

    [Ch3] Pim Mala (Tv Scene)

    It makes me feel sad that Rita isn't the n'ek because Aum & her would make a very nice couple !
  17. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    I really like all these photos from Prague Ken & Janie have never disapointed me with their lakorn together And this new one won't be an exception...I am sure now lol.
  18. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Thank for sharing all these wonderful pictures They all look so great and it makes me be so excited Prague is one of the most beautiful city I have never been there but plan to go during this summer My piano teacher used to live there before coming in France And she gave me the will to visit...
  19. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Since it will be Ken's first lakorn abroad it gives me another reason to watch it I usually like lakorns with scenes abroad...I don't really know why lol. I have this strong feeling that I will love this lakorn :thumbsup:
  20. solin

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    When does this lakorn will be aired ? I just can't wait to watch this one lol.