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    [Ch3] Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (Sonix Boom)

    is PJ going to end up with Pat N or Mario sister?
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    [Ch3] Patiharn Ruk Karm Kob Fah (Thong Entertainment)

    Love this song and the lakorn!!!  First time  watching lakorn where n'ek wake up and not starting yelling and hitting p'ek thinking that p'ek did something to her. Its was so cute when p'ek was hitting n'ke like a little kid when n'ek doesn't listen to him<3 <3 
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    [Ch3] Fai Lang Fai (Maker J)

    Where have you been btw, tinah? I haven't seen you in ages O_o
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    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    no, 1st daughter was not adopted, she was the husband daughter. 2nd is the wife daughtet and 3rd are their daughter together.
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    [OneHD] Petchakard Dao Jorn (Exact)

    wait i thought ch.8 was remaking this one and film was tee yai?
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    [Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)

    I love the last picture of Yaya here >< So elegant!! 
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    [Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)

    Omg! >< I LOVE all of the pictures! They said this is only their first fitting of the many :D So I'm expecting to be even more wow'd :) 
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    [Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)

    Aw man :( Is it almost time yet D: I really want to see the pictures. I haven't seen anything on IG yet.
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    [Ch3] Samee Tee Tra (ThongEntertainment)

    So does Pisut get remarried? Or is he playing a game with Kang? Like, what's the deal?
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    [Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)

    That's a whole month ahead :/ Man...
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    [Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)

    thanks for sharing :)
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    i absolutely cant wait for this lakorn! i was let down by TNNKR so hopefully this one will be different. 
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    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    Hey, I'll be subbing it :) I'm just waiting for it to get uploaded on Obizgo :(
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    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    Girl, Yaya is like 80 or 90 lb and she's 5'6" I think.  Either way, guys like thick girls ;) lol jk
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    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    Hey guys, if anyone is interested, I will be subbing this lakorn :) I should have some parts up tomorrow, but if not then definitely by Thursday.
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    Nadech or Porshe?

    Just wondering :) Since they're representing their channels as rising stars. My vote goes to Nadech just because I havent seen any of Porshe's works yet xP
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    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    Omgee >< I can't wait until Dok Soke's mom finds out who she really is @[email protected]
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    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    Aww yay I'm so happy they're pairing again :D This one should be really interesting :D
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    the "new" pat napapar

    LOL she hasnt been the lead role on prime time for a long time now. She gets supporting roles and only plays on evening lakorns.
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    the "new" pat napapar

    I'm not in a position to say anything, but I honestly think Pat looks the same. She has a longer and fuller face now, with a crappy nose job. She's definitely wearing a lot more make up now with tons of mascara, eyeliner and eye contacts. To me, she is still beautiful and just outgrew her old...