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    Unseen Son and Vill

    Was this part edited from the drama or the music video? It starts at 4:54.
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    Tack's lakorns

    Does anyone know if Tack's four lakorns are on youtube? Anywhere I can watch them besides Tumma Tid Peek Soi 3 Siam Square Tumma Tum Mai Krung Neung Muer Rao Ruk Gun
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    Wiki sarnworld

    How come wiki sarnworld stopped working? Do we need an account because in the past I didn't need one?
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    Sai Yai Saward

    Is this lakorn Hmong dub and out on youtube? Sai Yai Saward
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    Aerin and View

    Is this real...seems like it. Can Aerin speak English? Does anyone know more information about Aerin and View? Please, in English. The information posted on their wiki sarnworld is little. How tall is View? I think the profile is wrong, Aerin is way taller...
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    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting. Your Thoughts??? Actress: Pinky: She’s been in this industry for quite long, and her acting is still boring and lacking. It’s so bad in her latest lakorn with Weir. Take a break and practice!! Newbie Tarn’s...
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    Need Help with Lakorn and stars

    Need help with an old lakorn. Childhood/Old Lakorn lovers help me with this lakorn. It was probably released in the late 90s or early 2000s. I saw it like 7/8 years ago. I only saw a little of part one this lakorn dubbed. I didn't remembered finishing the whole part 1 or the rest, I can't...
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    Cee and Amy's lakorn, Hmong Video Store

    Has anyone been to the Hmong Videos store lately?? If so, do you know what are the latest lakorns they been subbing?? Do you guys also know if they dubbed Cee and Amy's 2005 lakorn called Look Mai Lai See? Thai version:
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    Thai Clothing Stores

    Do you guys know any sites where they sell Thai Fashions (not traditional, but city-like clothes) that are cheap and comes w/ cheap shipping and handling? I prefer to have them in English so communication can be easy.
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    Latest Lakorn dubbed??

    Do you guys know what are the latest dubbed lakorns?? Are they out on youtube yet...links?? I guess no one knows if Weir's and Pinky's lakorn is dubbed yet.
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    Best vs Toey

    I think both girls are robotic actresses. They should stick with modeling.
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    lakorn, hmong dub

    Did they dub Pinky's and Weir' lakorn in Hmong yet?? If so, is it out on youtube yet, link please. Title: Ter Keu Cheevit (Pinky and Weir)
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    Based on acting

    Rank you picks and explain why. Don't get mad at others opinions. Experienced: 1.Benz--Can play any role beautifully. 2.Noon--Beautiful acting. 3.Kob--acting is great, but her acting's not beautiful in my view. 4.Anne--something about her acting irritates me. Developing: 1.Kwan--Can play any...
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    Has Kwan won any acting awards??? I don't see it on her profile.
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    Son is a WG Fan

    He went to Wondergirls first concert in Korea. Do you guys know who he went with? Link from his page: Credit to his Sarnworld Page.
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    Gaew Lom Phet

    Do you guys know if Hmong people dubbed GLP yet? Is out for sale or rent yet? The one with Vill and Son??
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    Samee and Jon Plone Jai

    Does anyone know the mean-crazy girl's name in this drama? (The one that lost her baby because Joy accidentally hit her with the car.) I seen her played a lot of dramas, but don't know her name. Also, the name of the mean girl(the one who got her stomach shot) from Jon Plone Jai. Drama...
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    Favorite underrated actresses (from the 90s-early 2000 till now)???

    Favorite underrated actresses (from the 90s-early 2000 till now)??? These are excellent actresses. At one point, they were very popular. It is sad to see these actresses to not have a lot of recognition like the well known actresses (Noon, Aff, Anne, Kob) In my opinion, some of them act even...
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    Thai Version of Boys Over Flower

    If there was a Thai Version of Boys Over Flowers, who would you guys pick to play in the drama? :D For me, I would chose a great actor/actress who are still young that are not really promoted as the main couple. They should promote people who have great acting skills more. :lol: Also...
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    Dome vs. Golf

    Who and Why??