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  1. solin

    Thai people in France !

    I am currently conducting a survey for a school project about Thai community in France. That is why I am looking for Thai people living in France and especially in Paris or its suburban, who could meet answer some of our questions. If you can help me or know people who could, please PM me...
  2. solin

    Destiny Water

    Destiny Water is a story which is in my mind since a while but I didn't find the time to write it. In this story I just wanted to see my two favorite actors together because I know there is almost no chance for them to be paired up in reality. The story is about two people who are fated to...
  3. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    After reading all your fanficts, It makes me want to write one too :lol: So I decided to begin one ! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast : Ken Terradeth Aum Atichart Ann Tongprasum Aff Tusakorn Sririta Jensen Summary : Ken and Aum are best friend since...
  4. solin

    Lakorn Tittle

    I am looking for an old lakorn for my sister but I don't know the Title. All I know is the general plot : The main actress wear glasses with hair in plaits, and she is in love with her Neighbor's second son who hates her. When he has a girlfriend, she finally accept to go study to Austria. There...
  5. solin

    Cho Shin Sung (Supernova)

    Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) is the new new group who has debuted the 21th september 2007 on KBS Music Bank with their song Hit. Their first clip, staring Eugene (from SES), including Hit, Where Were You and Romance last 37'38mn. Name : Jung Yoon Hak (Hak) Star : Spica Position...
  6. solin


    KARA is the new girl group from DSP entertainment. They debut the 07/03/29 with their song Break It from their first album The First Blooming. Name : Park Gyuri Birth : May 21, 1988 Blood Type : AB Role in KARA : Leader Educational Background : Currently attending Dongduk Woman's University...