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    The Myth (series)

    OMG!!! I just found out 2 days ago that HuGe and his crew are working on shooting "The Myth" series. I couldn't believe my eyes. After Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Sun released the short version "The Myth," I told my siblings that they should produce a series version and have HuGe as the main cast...
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    Can someone help me find this old chinese series" Deadly Struggle"?

    I watched this series long time ago dubbed in Hmong and really wanted to rewatch but can't seem to find it anywhere. I check all the rental stores I know and none of them have it. I used to be a huge fan of Norman Tsui!!! Can someone help me find it dubbed in Hmong or thai or subtitle...
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    Have anybody seem the lakorn "Rai Diengsa"

    I'm dying to what will happen to Araya. Did she get rape in this lakorn? Please someone tell me. Here's the link
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    Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia (Hmong Movie)

    I just finished watching episode 1 and 2 today and I thought it was pretty good. At first I was like damn it the main guy (tub's brother's character) is going to be stupid and will lose his GF to his friend. I didn't want to watch it but I managed to bare through episode 1 and gosh my heart...
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    Anyone have good pictures of Oil and LIft?

    I don't have any of their CD and was wondering if anyone have any recent pictures of lift and Oil together. I plan to do something with their pictures so i can bring it with me to the Fresno concert. Please help. Thanks.
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    p'Bank(Clash) vs Yoo Seung Jun (YSJ)

    p'Bank from Clash remind me of Yoo Seung Jun (YSJ). YSJ was my favorite solo Korean singer back in the days and when my friend introduced me to Clash, I thought Bank resemble YSJ. They have similar body figure, clothing, hair style, likes music, etc. What do the rest of u think? Remember YSJ? If...
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    Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat - Rani and Kuwar

    I saw this on youtube and fell in love with the song and just wanted to share it. He's hot. Anyone know his name and where i can get the song? Please upload if u have it.