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    Watch Khmer Tv online free

    Hi guys, I found out this site has khmer two channels. Bayon and TVK. I don't think it's live, but I think the show was record a day earlier. You may need to register to watch the show.
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    khmer magazine called "domlai neary"

    Hi, guys I just found this website, it has a khmer magazine. This magazine is not taking about khmer stars. But it's talk about the life of Cambodia girls who work in garment factories. The magazine is in English. If you guys interest, you can check it out.
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    Travel to Cambodia

    Hi, guys For those who been travel to Cambodia, can you guys suggest me which airline provide a good service? I never been to Cambodia before. Thanks
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    Need Help if anybody had experience

    Hi, guys I just wondering if anybody in here had been sponsor a boyfriend or girlfriend from your country to come to the states? If you guys do, could you please share experience how the process go? And does it necessary that you need to know each other at least two years? Please help out. Thanks.
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    Question about Khmer visa

    Hi, guys My family plan to travel to Cambodia next year. But my mom only has green card. Right now she apply for re-permit entry but it may take a while. Let say, if she just want to travel with only green card and get a khmer visa when she get to Cambodia. Will this be possible? Will she...
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    Help with gift idea for cambodia friend

    Hi, guys I just made a friend who lived in cambodia. i will soon visit cambodia but I want buy a gift for her and her mom. But I have no idea what should I buy. Some people recommend to buy lotion or perfume. But I have no idea what kind of popular brand name are being using in Cambodia. Can...
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    Watch Live Khmer TV online from Cambodia

    Hi, guys I just want to share this site for those who may not know. There is a site that you guys can watch live TV that was broatcast from Cambodia. this site is still underconstruction. I am not sure if later you have to pay to watch, but for now it is free. here is the link...
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    Khmer actress in Korea Drama

    Hi, guys I just wondering does anybody know the name of the Khmer actress who plays in the Korean drama “How to meet a Perfect Neighbor�. I remember I read Khmer news earlier mention that the she was Freshie girl 2006 but can’t remember her name. I think she is naturally pretty. This is...
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    Mayura's main actor dubbed voice

    Hi, guys i just read the, there is an article talk about the owner of Mayura dubbed company. According to the article stated that Mr. Chhan Chu was the owner of Mayura dubbed company and he is also dubbed voice of the main actor voice. In 1985, he started out as a...
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    Udisco and Touch Sreyleak fake married

    I just read the news from about Udisco and Touch Sreyleak, it turn out that their marriage is fake. They just do it for entertainment. Both of them come forward to tell the news reporter that they are still single. What all of this about? I been following the news and their...
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    Autumn in my heart now dubbed in khmer

    I just check, I found that Korean drama Autumn in my heart is now available in the store. If you guys have not watch this drama I would like to recommend. This is a good drama.
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    jewel palace dubbed khmer

    hey, guys i just check, i found that korean series jewel palace is now dubbed in khmer. You guys can now rent it at the store if interest.
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    At the Dolphin Bay Dubbed in Khmer

    I just wanted to let you guys know especially the one that are a fan of this Tawanese series, At the Dolphin Bay is out dubbed in Khmer. I have not watch this series yet, but i heard that this series was good.