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    [Ch7] Suparburoot Look Poochai (Samun Karnlakorn)   I tried looking for a thread, but couldn't find it. Airing after Fah Jarod Sai this Tues. It's a remake with Tle Tawan and Noon Woranuch in 2003. Also directed by the same person, Tua Saranyu. 
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    [Ch7] Sen Tai Salai Sode (Workpoint)

    เส้นตาย สลายโสด They'll begin filming in May. http://www.innnews.c....php?nid=277273 http://www.khaosod.c...TXc9PQ==§ionid= It sounds like a romantic comedy. I have no idea how to translate the title without it sounding too strange. Sentaai - Deadline Salaaisod - Taken, no longer...
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    Sao Chai Hi-Tech (DaraVDO)

    From Thairath His Wayu role is so popular, khun Daeng made him a pra'ek <3 Khun Daeng, I want one with Aom and Aum please~ Still unconfirmed though, but I really hope it's true.
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    Khuu Khane Saen Ruk (Baan Lakorn)

    คู่แค้นแสนรัก Khun Salak already confirmed it. Credits: Ch7, Salak, LeeLungWit @ Pantip Aum Patcharapa, Chakrit, Oun rangsit, Tuptim Anyarin, Gap...
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    Top Awards 2009

    Best Artist: Bie the Star Best Group: Golf & Mike [And they were presenting this] Best Male Newcomer Film Category: "Kao" Jirayu Laongmanee from 5 Prang (Phobia 2) Best Female Newcomer Film Category: "Pattie" Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha from Rod Fai Fa Ma Ha Na Ter (Bangkok Traffic...
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    Kom Chad Luek Awards 2009

    Janurary, 20th 2010 was the ceremony. Films Best Picture: Polamueng Juling (Citizen Juling) Best Screenplay: Nang Mai (Nymph) Best Actor: Poramate Noium from Sam Shook Best Actress: Cris Horwang from Rod Fai Fa Ma Ha Na Ter (Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story) Best Supporting Actor: Ray McDonald...