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    Joy Sirilak/Tui Sarunyu

    Anyone know if if it's true that Joy Siriluk and Tui Sarunyu will be at the Pomona Fairgrounds in LA County? I heard that they will be there March 14. Saturday between 12-8p. Tickets are $30...Please, if anyone knows...let me know because I really miss watching a Thai concert...
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    Nicole Theriault USA Tour

    I haven't seen a post up regarding Nicole. I was wondering if anyone will be going to her LA Concert? It will be on Friday, October 31 @ Stones, 9p $25 tickets. I was thinking of going but not to sure. I don't really know her, nor listen to her music, but wanted to go out and do something on...
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    Num Sornram Thai Festival Memory Book

    Hi Everyone! #1. FOR THOSE WHO WILL BE ATTENDING THE LA THAI FESTIVAL: PLEASE READ. FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT BE ATTENDING, SCROLL DOWN TO #2 As we all know, P'Num will be at the Thai Festival in LA on Sunday, April 13 between 1-6pm, stage 1 towards Normandie next to Stone Bar. P'Audy, the person...
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    Does anyone know if this is a movie or a lakorn?? I just found it at exact website. It says coming soon, but can't read anything else there. Pls, if anyone can help with the info. I would really love to know... I think that's mos, because you know how tao, her ex husband, looks a lot like mos...