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  1. sweet_yang

    Bie's version of Rak Diew Jai Diew

    Just found this on youtube. Wish Bie would just sing the WHOLE song! He sounds so good! :)
  2. sweet_yang

    Huh? Bie becoming a MONK for 10 days? I was viewing some of bie's recent youtube vdo's and I came across the one that Bie's a monk...I don't understand why he did this...but I'm hoping it's not permanent. If anyone knows more about this, please share your info. as to why he did this. In case anyone's interested, here's...
  3. sweet_yang

    "Kob and Brook: Honeymoon in Phuket!"

    I dunno if this is old or recent news, but I found this on-line and thought other Kob's fans might be interested in reading. (Forgive me if this is old news...) CREDIT GOES TO: Kob & Brook: Honeymoon in Phuket! Posted on...
  4. sweet_yang

    Bie's Ringtones and Pics with actresses

    Below are some ringtones and pics that I created. Hope you all will like them ;) Please credit me for any pics used because I spent so much time working on them. I Need Somebody: Mak Mai
  5. sweet_yang

    Bie is HOT!!!

    just thought i'd share these hot and cute pics of bie with all of you. :P love bie soooo much!! CLICK ON THE PICS FOR ENLARGEMENT!! credit goes to:
  6. sweet_yang

    when did you start liking BIE?

    as for me, i like him ever since i heard his song.."LOVE, I NEED SOMEBODY.." he's so fine! :D
  7. sweet_yang

    hmong dub thai lakorn HELP!!!

    anyone knows if the hmong version of this lakorn is in dvd? i know that has it in video tapes, but i prefer dvds... i have the thai version of this lakorn but i also want to get the hmong one too. where can i get it? anyone willing to help me??? please?