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  1. Eve Taylor

    Lakrons 2018-2019

    Hey guys, Every time i try to watch rom com thai lakrons i end up dropping them because they are hella cringe worthy, no matter how much the actor is hot or popular like Ken or Mark Prin i just cant also i get confused watching Mafia guy acting like a nany like Ken and Noon lakron or "once upon...
  2. Eve Taylor

    Thai Channels

    Watching two lakorn and Im hooked, but once im in this forum i learned im ignorant about Thai drama in general tho its my favorite among other Asian Drama mainly because Thai actresses are so much pleasant to watch and they are hot and the Actors are so manly So I need more Info and your Kind...
  3. Eve Taylor

    Kluen Cheewit

    Its not weird for MY fans that we might have been rewatching kluen cheewit to the point we lost counting ,at least for me . So, Throwback , I have a conclusion about Sathit's personality You know khun Jane was so Innocent,Naive ,Clumsy and suffocating attention woman that cant give her opinion...
  4. Eve Taylor

    Thai Beauty Standards

    Hi Which Thai Actress do you think is the most beautiful woman according to Thai beauty standards ? And which one the most beautiful Mixed ? For me: I think Kim Kimberly is the most beautiful woman there she has fair skin big eyes , small shoulders and not so tall ,also i think she is the best...
  5. Eve Taylor

    New lakorns

    Hi Please recommend me some lakorn in which the ML really mesmerized by the FL , like Eye F**** (i cant write the word ) im already scolded by the admins for profanity , but i guess you can understand me Examples PIN ANONG KLUEN CHEWEET SWANG BIANG
  6. Eve Taylor

    Urassayas (YAYA)

    Omg Yaya's mom dosnt let her go anywhere by her self i wonder why? Does any one know why she is not leaving her alone? Is she a good mother or only using her daughter's fame and money? She is old to hang out with young actors why not she stay at home at least for her health and age instead of...
  7. Eve Taylor


    I am afraid the Spread of Feminism and PC wave from West to East will vanish the Slap/Kiss genre . Recently , I can't enjoy the so feminine Beta males depicted in Asian Drama Most of thai Lakorn are using the aggressive character as the Bad /Evil character and make him act as a womanizer and...