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    What a joke!

    I know I'm not the only one who's frustrated with borans these days and this has been said numerous times but I'm just gonna say it again! What a jokeee! WHYYYY are they turning borans into such a joke where it drags with 100 episodes and twist the whole story around with wack azz...
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    Who's the dude in this video? Does anyone know the name of the guy that gets stabbed in the end of this video? he looks so familiar.. thanks!
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    Buddhist Tattoos..

    I wanna get them but I'm kinda scared of breaking the spell rules lol. My uncle has a bunch of them and he really believes it protects him from evil/danger. My cousin also has one (like Angelina Jolie's but personalized of course) but she's a girl so she had to get it done by a tattoo artist...
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    MTV Exit

    If I didn't youtube a bunch of commercials by different ad agencies for my marketing class then I would never have found this. I knew about crazy ish like this but dang! this really opened my eyes.. very horrifying. With Angelina Jolie:
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    Aff in MV.

    Ruk tur Sa Mur - does anyone know what lakorn this is? or is it just a music video.. & who's the guy in there? he looks familiar..
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    Summary for these lakorns ..

    There's a bunch of old lakorns on IPtv and some of them look really good.. but can anyone give me a short&sweet description about what the storyline is about without giving away the ending? YAI SANAE HA with Joy S. & Pip Rawich Dok Kaeo Karabuning with Mam K & Au T Sami Ngoenphon with Joy S &...
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    How come boran stars are barely in modern lakorn? Is it because they don't have the acting skills or different contracts or something? [cause I must admit, some boran stars CAN'T ACT what so ever] The only boran stars I see that's famous is Kob, Benz, Pinky, Kwan, Yardthip, and then some. and...
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    Most underrated P'ek/N'ek?

    Who do yous think is the most underrated P'ek or N'ek? I think the most underrated p'ek gots to be Puri. The guy is sooo cute & can definitely act but he has like, no p'ek roles at all. and I think Aff is kinda underrated but they have been promoting her lately & she's coming out with a few...
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    Waruth Woratum

    Any info on him? haven't seen him in forever. thanks (;
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    Koo Kam

    I saw the old version a longgg time ago but I can barely remember it. I just finished watching the remake w/Benz & Num like 20 minutes ago and I gotta say that I love their chemistry together. It was kinda draggy in the beginning but the ending was soooo SAD!! I couldn't stop crying lol.. The...
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    Thai Slang

    Well, I'm bored and curious. I understand Thai cause I've been watching lakorns since I was little but I never heard any cursing and I don't know much Thai slang since they censor out the words lol.. Maybe you guys would wanna share some so I can add more words to my vocabulary! lol ;)
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    bla boo tong remake?

    dont get too excited cuz i dont even know if it's true... i read an interview wit boy & au a long time ago. is this confirmed or was it just a fake interview?