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    Reun Kalong

    Anyone know where I can watch this lakorn. Just watched a couple of teasers and the ost on Youtube. Can't seem to find the lakorn anywhere to watch. I searched in the currently airing thai section here and couldn't find any info on it. I love the theme song for this lakorn. Sounds so good and...
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    Ayarak 2013   Anyone know where I can find this new version of Ayarak w/ Yui. I was able to find bits and pieces on Youtube but not the whole thing. I thought I saw a post about this somewhere but couldn't find it. Sorry if it's a duplicate. 
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    Sony Laptop Problem - Please Help

    I need help on my sony laptop. I used it a few days ago to stream movies on Azn.TV w/a HDMI hook up to my TV. After that the next day my laptop won't start. It freezes at Starting Windows. A few times at start up it did tell me run repair, but it couldn't fix anything. I tried rebooting it to...
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    Old Lakorn or Movie

    Is this a movie or lakorn? It looks really interesting. I want to watch it...anyone seen this or know where I can watch it?
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    Thai Period Lakorn

    What is the English translation of this lakorn. I just stumbled upon it on youtube and it looks really interesting. Has anyone seen it before and have an opinion?
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    Critical Hard Drisk Drive Error

    Hey you my husband was using my computer. Not sure if he caught a virus or not, but he said that the computer went blank and it shut off I think and when he turned it back on. Everything was gone. There are no files what so ever. WindowsRecovery popped up and scanned it and it keeps...
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    Aom Aok Phukhaow

    Anyone seen or heard of this really really old movie. It's based on Mien people. I saw it when I as very little. Found first 20 minutes on youtube, but was wondering if anyone has this by any chance or know where I can get it. I emailed the person on youtube already who uploaded it but he has...
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    Liao Zhai (2005)

    Anyone know where I can purchase this, I know it's on youtube, but I'm not a fan of watching full movies on youtube. Please let me know if anyone has it or where I can buy it. Or better if you can upload it here. Thanks
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    Anyone ever taken Metabolife? If so tell me about your experiences and if you have lost any weight w/ it? I'm considering on taking either this or the Alli Pills.
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    The Expendables

    The Expendables Jet Li has a new movie coming out in theaters in 2010. This movie includes alot of other stars such as forest whitaker, eric roberts, jason statham, randy couture, dolph lungdren, mickey rourke, charisma carpenter, steve austin. I'm excited...can't wait to see it. Watch the...
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    Boyfriend's 21st Birthday

    My boyfriend is turning 21 next week. He's a jerk and he wants a guys night out...their going to the strip club and bars. I'm really upset about the stirp club. I've cried to him and all that already but he says he's still going no matter what. He's horrible. Sometimes I feel like I want to...
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    Is it just meeh and my computer or is megaupload beginning to slow down on download speeds?
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    What Boran Lakorn is This?

    Link Anyone know what lakorn this is...I found it on doesn't seem like ive seen this before.
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    Car Accidents and Insurance Companies

    Okie so my mom just got into a little car accident. She was driving home from going to the store and was following a taxi van from behind. All of a sudden the driver in front stopped and backed up. My mom said he backed up pretty quickly and hit her front bumper. I wasn't there and my mom didn't...
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    Snow ***

    Lately it's been snowing like has been the worst of all...the snow level here is almost above my knee. Any of you guys get snow? Snows nice, but too much snow sucks. Here are some photos that we took This photo was taken a couple days back.
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    Mcdonalds Monopoly

    Anyone playing the Mcdonalds Monopoly...just for fun and maybe a chance of luck we should list the pieces we have and maybe trade off. Any riches that might come to whoever...yalls can make your deals...NOT THAT ANY OF US ARE GONNA WIN...lolz These are the pieces I have: Park Place Baltic...
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    Sacramento California Bus Crash

    From MSNBC "The bus carrying about 43 passengers, many Laotian, was heading to the Colusa Casino Resort. According to a witness, it drifted off a rural two-lane road before the driver “overcorrected” and swerved back. The bus ejected some passengers as it rolled and crushed others, Landreth...
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    The Legend of Condor Heros 2008

    Can't wait for this to come out or for someone to upload it. Im always a fan of Return of The Condor Heros...They remake it so often but I never get tired of it...only because I've only seen 2 versions. lol Anyways I saw a preview of it on CrunchyRoll but it was chinese w/ viet i...
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    My Car...My BaBy!!!

    :lmao: $1500-$2000 for a rebuilt transmission... :lmao: Skool is coming up in 2 time to wait...Transmission Slipping...SO MUCH MONEY...I almost fainted right after I gave the word to do the work! :lmao: You guys got car problems?
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    Independent Study

    Has anyone taken Independent Study before...if so please share your thoughts...I'm deciding if i want to take an independent study class or not...I've never taken one before and so i want to know what it's like.