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  1. Sweet_09

    [Ch3] Duang Jai Tewa Prom Series (Unknown)

    I hope CH.3 put Mo in good use. She a very talented girl and thank god she left ONEHD even tho I like her with some of the pra'ek there but they are not giving her the spot light she needed.
  2. Sweet_09

    ❤️[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley

    Honestly I was kind off excited for this lakorn but after seeing the trailer...i don't know. :confused0::confused0::confused0: Anyways, after all it is Kimmy so I might give it a try...I have not enjoying a lakorn lately...too many remake! Why can't they used their novel and make lakorn out of...
  3. Sweet_09

    Kimberley Ann Voltemas

    God dam! Thank you for keeping this tread so much alive! Thank you for updating us with many beautiful photo of our girl, Kimmy Kimberley Ann Voltemas.
  4. Sweet_09

    ❤️[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley

    Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Enjoying all these wonderful place that they went and film. Hopefully the Lakorn will aired soon and enjoyable as much as all the team are making us believe in. No matter what, will stay tune because of my girl Kim!
  5. Sweet_09

    [CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma

    Oh my, my , my! Honestly and hopefully this is my comeback to the lakorn world. Just so bored of Thai Lakorn lately as none of them seem to get my attention and hold me get past episode one lol Kimmy continues to grow beautifully over the years and dam 10+ years since I've been following her...
  6. Sweet_09

    [Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

    Sh!t...I’ve missed so much! I was planning to catch up on all the episodes I missed once I return from my vacation (currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand)....sadly I don’t know when the sub will be back up! I’m so proud for the teams for all of theirs hard work. Happy to see the rating up so high...
  7. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

    Finally finished watching the last episode of BH and I got to say, it a good ending. A lot of misunderstanding at first but the whole make up scene between Ramet and Pimlapat is worth it. Khun Baworntat on the other hand did such a good job until that very moment lol. It's okay, we will soon...
  8. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

    Wow! Finally read all the comments (most) lol! Finished watching ep.10 only but gawd dam! Episode 10 is good but seriously the action scene needs more work. Especially when Ramet walks back down the stairs and see Pim, he should be like "WTF? I thought I ask you to go back to the hotel? Why are...
  9. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

    I'll like to share some pics.... Credit goes to I have a question...why lately asianfuse is as organize as before like many years ago? Plus how to you edit the wiki page? Do anyone know lol!
  10. Sweet_09

    Kimberley Ann Voltemas

    I seriously love this look on Kim! Very beautiful!
  11. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Kom Faek (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Kimmy Kimberley

    Yeah that want I heard too (the remake of this one korean drama) but Kim already came out and reject that rumor unless they are trying to keeps it low profile lol! Anyways I would love Nadech and Kim reunion to make up for their last lakorn lol!
  12. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

    Okay, I lied...I normally watch Buang Hong on Friday but i watch both episode yesterday night. Khun Vi is really something else. I know it was Pim fault for being a brat and think she high and all but there are people like Vi that causes to have people like Pim in term of even out this human...
  13. Sweet_09

    Mark-Kim World

    Kim look really good in red! Love this new look of her. Something different from all her other event. She do really look like an American actress with that style. :love::love::love:
  14. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Duang jai Nai Fai Nhao (Good Feeling) : James Ma / Jeena Yeena / YoGhurt Nattasha

    Glad to see James is having more roles/lakorn but dam I'm not to fond of this actress. Why is it that there is too many new faces? Why ch.3? WHY?
  15. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Ruk Diew Khong Janjira (Thanud Lakorn)

    Is this lakorn have an confirm pra'ek and n'ek yet? Anyways, according to the story line I think a veteran actor would be a better fitting since n'ek is much younger than pra'ek. But the question is who will it be?
  16. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Kom Faek (Metta Mahaniyom) : Mark Prin / Kimmy Kimberley

    Kim and Mark have an event together and dam kim look good in red. Beside that I'm thinking this lakorn is close to finishing right? I mean it should lol! Anyways I wonder what lakorn Kim have next? I hope it a new script and a new co-star lol!
  17. Sweet_09

    ❤️[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin

    Gawd! Mew Nittha working a long side with Ann! YES! This girl got some skills! I wonder who is her pra'ek...hope it's someone good looking/someone i like lol! I'm very bias when it come to the actress i like lol!
  18. Sweet_09

    [CH3] Buang Hong (Thanud Lakorn) Jame Jirayu/ Kim Kimberly

    Thank you for all the updates girls! Glad to see the rating is going up. I read somewhere that the rating was low because James Ji and Kim isn't doing a good job in theirs role lol! I mean if that what you think... Anyways I love how this lakorn is not dragging as everything is up to it's game...
  19. Sweet_09

    kimberley's events

    Oh my! Kim look stunning in that clothing of her. She do look like a goddess! :love::love: At first I thought that she might look a little bit too fraang but she look good. Here is one of her old pics with Noon, like many years ago lol!