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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    hi sarnies! welcome to my thread... i know i have this other thread but the images didn't work so here's another thread.. well, im just gonna show all the graphics i made so far... i know that im not so good but please still enjoy.... if you would like a request, i would be glad to make one...
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    Yam Rachada Ban.

    Name: Roongrada Benjamatikul Nick Name: Yam B-Day: September 8th 1982 Age: 24 Education: See Pra Tomb college Major: Business management Sibling: Two brothers Favorite Actress: Noi busakorn, Aoum Siriyakorn Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite animal: Dog Favorite color: Green Hobbies...
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    do you play a sport in school?

    well, im gonna become a sophmore so today, i actually had my first volleyball practice at school.. summer is so fast..
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    what age did you....

    what age did you start watching a thai lakorn.. for me, i've been watching them ever since i was born, sort of.. but i don't remember really.. only this really old scary lakorn that use to scare the heck out of me.. ..
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    umm, this is my first time sharing my graphics so this is all i have because i started this yesterday and it took me forever just to finish it so i hope you guys like it.. please don't mind.. just a newbie!! i guess!!!
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    i was just wondering, what is your favorite boran lakorn that you have seen so far ever since you were born til now...
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    help with idol thing!!

    how do you guys do the idol thing.. like i know how to record and stuff but not the thing to the volume.. can someone explain it to me???