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  1. pze

    Signed T-shirts

    Hey I was planning to let go/sell some of my t-shirts/polo that's been autographed, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing them. pm me if ur interested The ones I'm selling are: Mos, patson, Mart's fc polo, and num. these were either autographed when they were here...
  2. pze

    Let Loose...TOuch

    as YOU know, during the time when James & Lift & Oil, & Mos came out there was TOUCH on the other hand… As some of the artists around that tyme had made their way to tour the state we would like to ANNOUNCE tat TOUCH will be in the STATES FOR CONCERTS.... credit: R.U.N
  3. pze


    FINALLY UPDATING MY LIST...heres some of what i have found so far...ill be updating the list as we go since im still sorting out my things....they all come in cases like the ones below...lakorns are the iptv versions...if different version ill state... accepts paypal+paypal fee or concealed...
  4. pze

    Aum Atichart's B-Day Project

    DEADLINE: END OF SEPTEMBER hello to all aum's fans....some of u might have already heard n some of u might have not gotten the message yet.... February is aums birthday and we have decided to put together a scrapbook for him...its time for message around the world for him.... how its gonna...
  5. pze

    Join Our Forum

    ummm i know this isnt the place to put this but i have no clue where its suppose to go....lolz....