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    Book recommendations?

    If you liked The Giver, you might like Brave New World, 1984, Ender's Game, and possibly Anthem...if you think your mind is open enough. Utopian/genetic engineering/Socialism
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    Book recommendations? Newsweek's top 100 books Definantly read Pride and Prejudice, it sounds boring, but it's really good.
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    Losing myself... to a girl! Crap.

    Both my sisters are gay, it's different between two females. Boundaries aren't as defined, you pretty much have to make your own.
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    DTV transition

    Well like you said, they've been telling Americans that the switch is going to happen since 2008. We have all had a year to save up for this box. I heard something about nationwide wireless internet by google on the television broadcast frequencies (analog frequencies). They've been working...
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    l0d :D hey hey

    l0d :D hey hey
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    Save Me :: Kristen Kreuk/Johnny Depp

    Sasha's going to have this internal battle in which she chooses whether to help Annie and lose Kale, the love of her life or leave Annie and live with the fact that she's hurt Kale.
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    The Blah Thread

    Did you put your name on it? I used to bring Asian food to work, no one ever touched it.
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Race the fastest man in the world, best olympic game ever.
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    Of course media from any aspect is biased and in favor of the originator, it's just that as Americans, we pride ourselves in being consistent and accurate about the information we convey to the public. EDIT: What separates art from athletics? I understand the difference is athletics deals...
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    I can't breath. Olympic cheerleaders
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    Save Me :: Kristen Kreuk/Johnny Depp

    I'm thinking her father sexually abused her and the mother is in a rare state of denial. Her father is trying to hide it and her mother wants attention and the love she's been longing for and she takes that out on Annie blaming her for the love that she never got.
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    There are two commentators, and one is incredibly opinionated. It's not that he doesn't have the right to talk and share his views on the performance, it's that some of the things he says aren't appropriate and they make certain teams look bad in the eyes of the public, the kind of opinion that...
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    I think what really ticked me off was when he would comment on the Chinese and say how her flaws were more visible than the American girl's. It's not like he's not doing his job, it's just that when you're talking to millions of people that have no experience with gymnastics, they're going to...
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    Deal or No Deal

    Yeah, I waste my money on the game.
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    Yeah OH MAN, I hate the commentors on NBC or whatever channel I've been watching on, they're such jerks, not that their comments are mean but the fact that they seem to be incredibly biased.
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    Yeah, like the guy said...the judges really don't have that much experience because they have to have judges that aren't from the countries competing. I thought that other girl in light blue was amazing, too bad she fell. And then there was Britain...haha, she's so big.
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    Pictures of your Meal

    I crave spring rolls in my sleep :drool:
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    hair cut HELP*Davey_pic.jpg Get a mohawk then
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    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    But what's the reason? I don't know, I feel bad for China.