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  1. sarN

    What your costumes for Halloween 2018 ??

    Lets share!!! :icon12:
  2. sarN

    The Eternal Love Season 2 (web drama 2018)

    It finally air !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: With more skinship in season 2 :love::love::love:
  3. sarN

    [Mainland] Legend of YunXi (2018)

    who watching this ? the couple so cute tho:icon12::icon12:
  4. sarN

    [Mainland] Legend of Fu Yao (2018)

    who watching this ? It remind me of Princess Agent except the main guy is openly a flirt LOL
  5. sarN

    ⚠️Christmas Gifts for everyone . Season greeting members . Dead line 02/18⚠️

    Helloooooo ladies , I would like to give everyone that reply to this post a Christmas gift this year . As for myself , I been a very bad little girl , Mr. Santa Claus not coming to my house on Christmas night , he would know it's a man trap :risas3: . Good lord , I have a history of...
  6. sarN

    Lost Love in Times 2017

    Who watching this :thumbup: it's out mid way already , so I'm goin start eps 1 now
  7. sarN

    The Eternal Love 2017 (web drama)

    Who watching this ? I'm telling ya ' lots of kisses & BED SCENE :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: . The english sub is up to 10 and I love the heroine she so funny & shameless :risas3::risas3:
  8. sarN

    General and I

    I didn't see any thread for this drama?? *sigh* the most romantic historical drama I ever saw :icon12::icon12: love the sexually chemical from the OPT :icon12::icon12: utterly seduce me to a mindless , melting chocolate pudding that was left outside the fridge to long .
  9. sarN

    The Magic of Ordinary Days

    I randomly watch trailer on YouTube & I came across this period romance movie. OK, I watch the movie & it got me in tear . I love it . it an arrange marriage plot HAHAHA ...I'm not quite over Rin/Saran yet.
  10. sarN

    Darker Shades of You # 9

          After weeks and months...  I finally found a plot line for this fan fiction. I can not promise to keep it flowing with chapter but if I don't start now I will forget about the idea . Thank to last night dream for clearing my cob web brain haha.
  11. sarN

    Request actor/actress sub-forum or question/concern

    PM ME or state your question/concern
  12. sarN

    She just like a big kid!

    She cute. In love
  13. sarN

    Request actor/actress sub-forum or question/concern

    PM ME or state your question/concern
  14. sarN

    The Monsters Within: The Heart of Darkness (Volume 1)

    By Dawnell Jacobs . She my friend   ^^^ please support her ! She will be on the Dee Armstorng show live at 12:00 noon on WLTZ channel 9 to discuss about her debut novel . You can buy her book at...
  15. sarN

    Johnny Anfone 's old lakorn

    I just remember one of his old lakorn . I do not remember the title , it those early 90' s lakorn , the plot was like this , Johnny had a friend that own a ranch . The friend was gay and was marry to the n'ek but they never consummation their marriage . He arrange for jonnhy to meet her and...
  16. sarN

    wikipedia:Thai television soap opera   read characters & negative influence part , it so true but yet hilarious lol it should goes under " You know  you watching a lakorn.." thread.
  17. sarN

    Russia VS South Korea

    Who watching this ? I been watching world cup for two days now . There no score now but i have to comment on the Korean Team !!!!! They came out looking like boy flower HAHAHA I keep thinking they are Idol from Korean drama . Lots of cute /young guy on the team .  
  18. sarN

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

    I been catching up on my Indian Movies too   :bopping:  , yeah! My latest favorite "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi"   It funnie , sad , romantic and beautiful song !!!!  
  19. sarN


    CH 1 They call her ‘jasmine rice’ because her father work in a rice factory in a small village in the district of Phu Khiao. The year was 1936, she was only 12 years old when her father suddenly die from an accident on his way to work that morning . He had stop his bicycle and went into a...
  20. sarN


    ALL THAI BORAN $14 EACH !!! ON SALE :lol: