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    Hello everyone, I have somes lakorns and series to sell, in dvd format, please let me know if you are interested! If you buuy for $100, get free shipping Chinese serie: 1/Love or bread (Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin) $14 2/It starts with a kiss part 1 (Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin) $22 3/It starts with a...
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    selling original set:drama and lakorn

    hello i did lately a website to sell lakorns and dramas but it's not working so i will upload pics here and contact me if you are interested!FREE SHIPPING The seventh day 22euros or $31 My girl 19euros or $26 AUM Patchrapa 25euros or $35
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    Hello everybody, i sell lakorns, series and dramas in khmer dubbed, it's original set not copy and i live in France the shipping is free for people who live in France and for international (US etc), u have to add around 4 euros the first item and 1 euro for additional item.If you buy more than...
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    Welcome to my new site

    Hello everyone Visit My Website i just made a website "khmerworld" to sell lakorns and series, it's easier to show u pics, right? :P So all lakorns or series will be in DVD...The price are in euros Shipping: For one lakorn or serie=3euros Between 25-60euros of series or lakorns=5euros if u...
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    who is interested in those lakorn?

    hello who is interested in those lakorns dubbed in khmer but not mayura... four and tak 22$ shipping included (i live in france) bua and dan 22$ tangmo and kade 18$ Doung with Araya 28$ and some tvb's series and chinese series brink of law 35$ my date with a vampire part3 35$ chinese...
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    TVB's series in khmer

    sorry post edited
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    Nai Gra Jork

    my Dan is very hot na ka!!! Narak jung lerei!!!!!!!! sara is really pretty now looks like jessica Alba in this pics will air this 10th september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait......I am dying for him........ :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: