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    My mum's thoughts on Thai stars

    So I just made a new Tumblr blog today because my mum watches a lot of lakorns and comes out with the most random stuff about the people in them. Thought you guys might be interested in her comments. :)
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    Leh Roy Ruk เล่ห์ร้อยรัก [2012]

    I'm currently subbing Leh Roy Ruk, and I thought I'd plug it here so that my work doesn't go to waste, and because I thought you guys might like to watch it as well. :)   Here's the playlist!   I've got about 5 episodes left to sub, but the way this is going, I should be done within the next month.
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    So, how do I create a Wiki account?

    Hi guys! That's pretty much all I wanted to ask. :) I want to add and improve info about lakorns to the Wiki, but it seems I need special permissions to create an account or something?