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    NBA Playoffs

    so sad. bulls beat defending champs 4-0.
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    Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History

    I'm sure many of you have already heard of this news. So far 33 people are dead and many are injured. I actually know a couple of people who are attending or will be attending Virginia Tech. I just hope that you can keep everyone there and those affected in your prayers. for more information...
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    Celebrity Fund-Raiser

    From "The Nation" Culture minister, others assail plan to assist Aids hospice by auctioning prints of famous people posing in the buff The abbot of a Lop Buri temple that serves as an Aids hospice said yesterday he would refuse any proceeds from a controversial auction of nude celebrity photos...
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    my coach sent me to the docotor last fall and she said i have exercise induced asthma. i currently use albuterol but i feel it isnt really working. i already have breathing problems after running for 15 mins as opposed to running cross country. so this is to all those members who have asthma...
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    Happy St. Patty's Day

    it's like one of my favorite holidays so, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!
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    March Madness

    So has anyone filled their bracket yet? Which team do you think will make it to the Final 4 and ultimately win the 2007 championship? Who do you think is gonna win between: Notre Dame vs. Winthrop Tenessee vs. Long Beach State Louisville vs. Stanford Arizona vs. Purdue UNLV vs. Georgia Tech...
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    BCS National Championship!!

    So I promise this will be my last football post...well at least for college football. Is anyone watching the Florida vs. Ohio State game??? What do you think? Who do you think is going to win? Any favorites? 1st Q @ 5:51 Gators lead 14-7 over the Buckeyes
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    most exciting game ever.

    boise state broncos win 43-32 over oaklahoma in overtime. :yahoo: they got the touchdown to tie the game and that statue of liberty play to win. this definitely was the most intense game ever.
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    Rose Bowl

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    2 Killed in Bangkok Blasts

    Thai authorities Sunday canceled major New Year's celebrations in Bangkok and Thailand's second largest city, Chiang Mai, after a string of explosions in the capital killed two people. After the celebrations were canceled, another blast shook Bangkok's Kasorn Plaza shortly after midnight, where...
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    Texas vs. Iowa

    LONGHORNS win the Alamo Bowl by the way, i miss vince young. did anyone else watch the game?
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    american culture

    Many cultures are identified or associated with specific styles, objects, food, dress, architecture, religion, ritual, etc. If you could pick a single item to represent american culture, what would it be and why? For example, what would u choose to tell a foreigner if you were describing...
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    Quotes and Poems

    share some of your favorite quotes and poems. what are your favorites quotes and why? they can be a favorite saying, from a song, the bible, book, prayer or even a poem. is it funny, meaningful, comforting, or sad?
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    star couples

    list as many couples as you, including current and passed couples. willy and yelly--married nat myria and tao kemkrat--separated j jetrin and pin--married kob and brook--dating cee siwat and amy klinpratoom--dating paul pattarapon and sara malakul lane--dating chakrit yamnam and...
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    Apimahuemar Mahar Sedthee

    Polyplus wow this is stefan's 3rd lakorn that he has lined up. so happy to see more of pancake. this will be her 4th lakorn. i never thought i would see these two together in a lakorn being the main couple. hopefully stefan will perfect his acting since he will be starring with aump, namfon, and...
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    Por Tiksadee and...

    so i got this idea from iamnowhere. i thought that this would be fun so everyone please vote. the outcome should be interesting. this is for fun and i dont want to start any feuds or anything bc i do like and respect both actresses. i'm loving jao sao baan rai right now. my votes goes to.... pat
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    bee sting

    anyways, i know i shouldnt whine about it but it really hurts. i've never been stung before and its swelling a lot. so i was wondering if anyone knows what i should do. i'm probablly not allergic to it but i got stung on the side of my knee and now my entire right leg stings. the area is swollen...
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    Thida Satan

    Kantana Benz will act as the n'rai or the evil character.
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    Kom Kohn

    DaraVDO Vee and Jui will star in the final part of the Jit Sung Harn and Duen Duerd series. Jit Sung Harn starred Poh and Aump and Vee and Kob starred in Duen Duerd. so annoying how they're having Vee star in the third installment too....he has a twin, how stupid is that??
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    summer in thailand

    so is anyone going to thailand this summer. i'm trying to get a ticket but it's so expensive this year. anyways, any specific places you want to suggest... also, i'm thinking of learning how to scuba dive. i've looked online for some places...any you'd like to recommend? i'm looking at krabi...