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Yes, I specially when you're over 21 and are not married. Some elders can be so rude
But I think if you stood on your ground and tell them politely of your opinion they will come around to respect it. Never yell because that won't help solve or give/leave them a good impression of you.
Sadly I can't even say something that would offend them no matter how calm you are their minds are already set on what's "good" and what's "bad", I'm so tired of disagreeing with them so I just remain silent now.
Ha! Try being over 30 and not have kids. EVERY wedding you go to, they always say something so rude. I got so pissed once that I told the lady who tried to set me up with her son "I'll wait til God send down an angel because I don't want to settle for a simple human being". I regret it after cus I disrespected my elders lol
LOL. They tell you to not speak too much because you are a kid, but later they tell you that you should know your responsibilities because you are an adult. LOL. They are just too funny.