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    [KBS2] Mary Staying Out All Night

    I'm really surprised this drama is a flop in Korean. So far, i'm really enjoying and hooked on this drama! I can't wait to see more episodes =)
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    [TBS] Full House Take 2

    Is it confirmed yet or is it still rumors about full house 2 ?
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    [KBS2] Mary Staying Out All Night

    yeah me too i'm really excited to see JGS in a drama again! Hopefully, it'll be as good as you're beautiful =)
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    I kinda lost track of thai lakorn dubbed my it's really true they stopped dubbing thai lakorn ??? Why did they stop ??? I feel kinda sad because i grew up watching thai lakorn dubbed by mayura, i'm gonna miss that
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    Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies

    I would like to request this song: Dol Pel Velea Baek Tert Tha Bong Mern Sak Som by Chhorn Sovanreach
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    Delightful girl-choon hyang (khmer dubbed)

    Has anyone seen this korean drama in khmer dubbed ??? I'm looking for the khmer songs in it. Can anyone tell me the title and the artist who sings it and upload it if you have the song, thanks
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    Happy Birthday P'Noom Sornram

    Happy birthday to P'Num... Luv you :rolleyes:
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    thank you so much :D
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    OMG, there is just too much pages in this topic!!! Can anyone help me, i'm just trying to find some pictures from this lakorn, i don't know if anyone has posted any here.. I'm looking for TV Magazine pictures and other lakorn magazine from this lakorn, so if you have any, can you just uplaod it...
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    Kob's Wedding Picture

    Finally her dream came true! I'm so happy for kob and Brook, congratulation to the newlyweds =)
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    Mew Lalita & family: Lots of Love

    her kids are so adorable and yeah they look so happy =)
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    Ann Siriam: Beauty Evolution

    i totally agree with you, she's so gorgeous!!!
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    Peung Kanya, Alice, Wiew Wonarot [Exact Actresses]

    i don't know these girls but i gotta say that this girl Wiew Wonarot is the hottest in this photoshot!!!
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    which guys is hotter?

    Ken and only Ken!!! He's so hot :lol:
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    TV Magazine: Sawan Bieng

    I went to ethaicd in order to buy TV magazine for sawan bien and i couldn't find it so i was wondering if the magazine was already out or not, i only saw Chevit dara and Darapappayon...