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    Dating Someone Older

    As long as both people are mature both mentally and physically and are of legal age then it has everything to do with them working out. It's less of a deal when it's people in their 20s+ dating people much older. It also depends what each person prefers.
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    ❤️ AsianFuse's Wiki!

    Hey, can someone please correct Ice's name... it's Sarunyu NOT Saruyu... there's an 'n' in there. Thanks!
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    T-intermedia not working?

    I don't know what's happening to the main site but the forum still works at We're trying to figure out what is going on with this hacking and making a back-up of everything. Sorry about all this, everyone.
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    Any manga readers?

    I preferred Mars the drama, it was darker than the Manga.
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    ❤️ AsianFuse's Wiki!

    Awesome, I was wondering whether a sarnworld wiki would be started, well at least one for thailand instead of just east asian entertainment.
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    Censorship of Songkram Nang Fah Interviews

    I didn't think it's such a big deal, not to me anyways. The lakorn was a bit whack while I watched it but there are more controversial things out there than this.
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    The Big D2B Farewell Project

    Just want to remind everyone that there's about 18 days or so till the deadline. Some fanpages have already been received and you can view them on the project site. Hurry get them in!
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    The Big D2B Farewell Project

    No, if you go to, you can see under 'mailing address' where to send it to. It'll be included in a book and that book is sent to Thailand. Hope that answers your question.
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    The Big D2B Farewell Project

    Hi all, Project is long over. You can check it out under the 'Memories for Big' link in my signature. Thanks all!
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    Anybody have the photoshop cs3 extended keygen? This one's been hard to find.
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    tata young has a sister!!!

    I didn't know Tata's mom passed away? When and how?
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    One Litre of Tears

    Loving this drama wholeheartedly. Changed my outview on life quite a bit and I'm up to the latest ep 9. It's gonna get downright sadder from then on. Each episode is really enjoyable and memorable.
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    Hana Yori Dango

    Gosh, a little late in adding to this thread. I'm enjoying the drama a lot too. Seems to be a thread about it in almost every forum I visit although it's been long anticipated. Mao is soo cute... I haven't seen MG but I know Barbie and Vic from Mars and F4 anyway, I'd say that I'm hoping the...
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    Good, Scary, Thai ghost movies?

    I think there's a new scary movie coming out this month "Rub Nong Sayong Kwan" ("Scared - The Movie") I have only seen the trailer but it looks gruesome.