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    help me point out the wedding lakorns

    Try this, it works for me ^_^ :
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    need help finding a boran lakorn

    This also sounds a lot like Pikun Tong, the boran that just ended last night. :scratchchin:
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    Pikultong (2011)

    Pikuntong is interesting so far. But the thing that kinda bothers me, and it's not just in the latest borans, but in modern lakorns too, is that a lot of the actresses wear big circle lenses. It's kinda of distracting. They are making look too modern.
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    Pikultong (2011)

    Wow, surprisingly I really like this boran so far. It hasn't dragged. But the kids storyline is so similar to Bla Boo Tong, with the mean mom and daughter who abuse the nang'ek and she later becomes a princess. I could have sworn it was another remake of Bla Boo Tong AGAIN! :eyetwitch...
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    Khuu Khane Saen Ruk (Baan Lakorn)

    I really love this lakorn!! I love Aum and Modddaeng, they are so funny. I'm not sure about Kran, kinda shallow since it seems like he only likes Dao because of her looks. :scratchhead2:
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    New Upcoming Boran after Dab Jed See

    I find it funny how back in the old borans, the special effects were pretty corny. Like how they make people/things appear or disappear, or when they have to make up imaginary places like where giants or monsters live, or when they shoot powers. But I actually prefer those effects. Because...
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    tep 3 radoo

    I'm watching the one on Youtube as well, and while it is a very good lakorn, some parts don't have any sound, and like everyone has been saying, A LOT of scenes are cut out to the point where the lakorn doesn't make sense. I saw a lot of the uncut scenes and they actually make the story better...
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    Darb 7 See Manee 7 Sang (Coming Soon)

    Just saw the 1st episode. It was sooo BORING. Yeah, most of the scenes are done with graphics, so it doesn't even look real anymore. I think i might possibly skip this boran as well. :yuck:
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    Whoa isn't Mild about 15 or 16? lol I stopped watching this around episode 12, and I kinda wanna start picking it up again so I can see the grown up parts, but everyone is saying it's dragging as usual, like every other boran. :(
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    Awww little Gino is back to play Euy's son. It's kinda weird cuz Euy already looks young, and there was no mention of her being pregnant unless I missed it. I also have a feeling it will drag even more, because they're gonna wanna show cute kid scenes with Gino and the Guman since they were...
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    Possibility of Buakaew-Jukgrote PART 2

    If they were gonna make this, they probably will just take an older boran and remake it by changing the story to be the sequel to this like with Manee Nopa Gaow.
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    LOL it looked soooo fake when she fell into the pot. And it was such a tiny pot too! It also felt rushed, and it was only Aiy that got to see her die. The old version did this scene better of course, because we actually get to see them planning it out, and then when Euy finally falls in...
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    Wow, the most romantic and best part of the old version was when the King came to Euy's house with all his servants, and all the village people got to see her dressed up as a Queen and marry the King, and then head off to his kingdom. In this version, the servants come to get her instead. And...
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    I think what a lot of people are forgetting is that a remake is ALWAYS supposed to be the story changed around, which is why it's called a REMAKE. Remakes usually are bad, because people will always compare it to the original. But in the case of the recent Boran remakes, they are bad anyways...
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    Wow, I don't know how to feel about the grown up parts. It's different obviously, but it's interesting. The original praek that no one liked actually has a small part in the lakorn LOLLL. I like the actress that plays the nangek, but wow, I don't like the character of Aiy in this version...