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  • thank you for the birthday wish.i haven't been on:( been so busy with new house and are you?
    Beep Beep Beep! Just swinging by =p...not staying on here long...ohh I got good news on the luggage =) I'll tell you about it in you know where ^ . ^ Hope you're not too tired from your trip!
    hey here with me hubby.kit tueng baan jung how are you sweetie??when are you gonna dj for us again huh??
    well i'm just looking @ this dookie Loan thingy that i have to apply for since they didnt give me financial aid....... :( anyways i'm so freaken busy and i can't wait... in a few more day's, i'm heading on to Texas for my Vaca.. finally righty... haha what is there @ Texas? dunno to be exact, i just needa get outta NC for abit....hahha cool bean ur doing good... hope to catch u
    ---wow you is back!!! hope the sunshine follows you home and you are having fun... welcome back dearest "ning!!! oh and TY for the B-day comment:)
    thnx chica, i like it too. it was a courtesy of jen's talent and labor of love :D
    Beep Beep!!! Been back from vacation and miss you so my Swedish Fish! Yooo naiii ahhh!!!??? LOL speaking of the dress...ohhh man, it was so hot that day and there were close to 500 guests. Seems that the freak'n AC was working or something. I felt roasted Hahaha i havent gotten married im waiting for your wedding first..but good..just waiting for you to come back and dj for me mama=]
    hey fishy..miss you mucho mama=]hope that you're having tons of fun over there=]
    Hey Girl.... i miss u!!! how are u doing? having fun over there??? dont forget little ole me k...... laters, Lekie!!
    Deaf ? This word doesn't exist for me, by listening to this album ;)
    Enjoy your trip ;) Hope to see you from Thailand.
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