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    2High mayrissa knomjaen @ A-STAR !~, mayrisza knomjaen

    Can some upload these picture... i went to their website but the picture is expire... please?? also the picture in Centerpoint MAG??
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    Pat Naprapa

    WOW!!! PAT IS SO HOT!!!! I love her!
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    KEnta gang

    thanks you!!!
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    thanks you
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    KEnta gang

    เลือกชื่อผู้ใช้ (กรุณาใช้ภาษาอังกฤษ): ??? อีเมล์:??? กรุณาเลือกรหัสผ่าน:?? ยืนยันรหัสผ่านอีกครั้ง: ??? SORRY but i can't get in... can someone translate this for me???
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    Does anybody knows any website of K-otic that i could "downloads clips" of them... or pictures... PLease!!!! Really really please!!!!
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    girly berry

    Does any body know how old is girly berry??? And do any body know any links??? thanks you so much!!!
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    Pimprapa Tangprapaporn

    thanks so much love love!!!!!!!!!
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    thanks you so much!!!!!!!!!!
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    Anybody know where i could get some of her pictures or her fanclub? i don't know where... please... also the kamikaze fanclub too.... any links?? thanks [email protected][email protected]@
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    Pimprapa Tangprapaporn

    Hey!!! I don't know this, if anybody does, can you help me!!! When i went to and registor... it say... Username, display name, e-mail, security... what is the "security"? i try everything but i couldn't registor in... sorry, but i don't know how to read in thai... please...
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    isnt the new girl the ladies that come before cartoon in tinawong. i think it's the middle stage. she could for the guy, not sure yet, have to watch the movie to judge him.
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    Sung Tong

    Hey, does anyone have the summary, i think i kinda know the title but not really.
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    A site to hear Thai song Hmong copy off!

    :w-scene-pop-corn: Well...thankz...that's what i've been telling her...hope yah like it.