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    KajSiab Txhua Hnub

    your voice sounds great! however, i think there's a little bit too much echo. Having too much echo makes it much harder for your fans to understand what you are trying to sing. last but not least, thanks for sharing! keep up the good work and best luck to you. ;)
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    Mia Luang?

    i actually watched the whole lakorn when it was on air, and i loved it! it's a really good and touching lakorn. i just ordered a copy of the lakorn from for my own keepsake. some people might think the lakorn drags at times, but i seriously recommend this lakorn for everyone to watch.
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    what happened to son and peung's lakorn? please share the news.
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    Mia Luang ( DaraVdo)

    i like this lakorn-----except at the end. i love everyone's character in here because they all acted out very well. some of them got on my nerves (like noo dee) but when you really think about...that's realistic life situations right there (how people THINk they love and care for one another...
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    Fan's Outraged!! Ken gives back Trophy.

    very nicely done! keep up the good JOKES!! ;)
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    Yui Jiranan

    thanks for the pics. yui looks sooo pretty and sexy!!!! it's about time she starts showing MORE of her pretty side. she is a great actress; plus, i love her singing voice!
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    i still can't believe that poo would do these things!! how old is she, anyway? and....where did you get these pics from? just wondering.
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    PUENG KUNYA & PEI PANAWARD: Feel Different

    they both look good. thanks for the share.
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    Praew - Musical Gangsters: Ice, Mos, Bie, Mike & Golf

    thank you for the pictures. mos and bie look cute as always!
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    Settling the biases...

    sorry if i confused you. my definition of "old" here is "maturity" in addition to having a good attitude and respect.
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    Settling the biases...

    i'm with you too....i think everyone in here is old enough to realize what's right and what's wrong. let's just give eachother friendly advices, listen to one another, and be happy, everyone!
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    thanks for the pics. bie looks really hot!
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    i like your signiture (of son and wiew)! it's sweet!
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    Bie's New MV OUT NOW

    thank you for the link. i love bie and this song so much!
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    Thai stars on Facebook?

    yeah..that was what i thought too..however, what if it's really them? i mean, what if the person you're really chatting with (or messaging) is the REAL star? on the other hand, how would you know, right? i guess it's just hard too to believe that it's really them....