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  • oh okay. no wonder i couldnt view her page. alright then. i dont want any problems also okay. lol have a nice day :]]]
    okay im nawt accusing you of stalking me okay. Sorry about it. okay ill go chekk out how she looks like. Thanks :]
    PS i only put some of my info up because i like typing and stuff.
    well if you dont like it i wont really do it then. thank you for telling me then! :]
    and if you dont bother my life, i wont bother and go into your life. im busy the whole day today, going to the amusement park, and if that Yaya chick comes on, then it is nawt me or any of those other days. i really think bebo is lame so why should i even bother to go on there. well anyways have a great life then! peace!
    Okay then.
    Thank you!
    i just enjoy talking to ppl especially here in Sarnworld. i dont go messing around on other thai forums i only go on this one only. i hope everything settle. well i know for sure that that chick yaya aint me. i SWEAR TO GOD cross my heart and hope to die! and what is this chicks url anyways? and would you please cancel that Bebo that you made of me then??
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