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    Two things to consider...

    Cook whatever you like to eat but also cook whatever the parents-in-law like to eat for them. I think it should be ok. Cook enough to share then put them on the table when time to eat. You are the cook. You don't have to cook only the things that the parents like to eat. You are a bit luckier...
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    Moles on your body

    You can search the meanings online. I got a list of what moles on your body mean. Some moles meanings: The mole closes to your shoulder (female): Life will be quite a challenge for you and there will be times when things will not be easy. The good news is that if the mole is red in colour and...
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    Ying Kanyapat in Hmong clothes

    These pictures just reminded me of my trip to this place. Even though I don't like wearing Hmong clothes, when I went to this place for a tour, I ended up renting one custom and took a few pictures on the same spots she took.
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    What do these dreams mean?

    In my room, I have a small buddha statue that I bought from Thailand when I came back + knives under pillow, and other things that were supposed to help having bad dreams but I still have some. I think my room is just haunted or an unhappy room. kuv mag tsaug tsuam so many times to the point...
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    What do these dreams mean?

    After this dream, I will probably never touch real tigers again. When I went to thailand, I thought playing with them was exciting but came back with that nightmare and I'm done doing something I shouldn't have done.
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    What do these dreams mean?

    Me too, one time, manybe a couple months ago, I dreamed that ib cov poj txoog supposed to be tsov lawv chased kuv mus rau ib tus tsov ua poj niam or something (I forgot for exactly but they did chase me for a purpose), I think. I got chased by family members who were supposed to be helping this...
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    Yep. I see that. Hmongflix is unique - that's why I think it will be success since this is the first Hmong Video rental site (first one I've heard of) that actually does something different from the Hmong usual food, clothes, or medicines selling at the flea market. I'm glad that you guys...
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    It's interesting and congratulations for starting up something different from the usual Hmong businesses, but it's a bit expensive compare to Netfix. Many people will go to Netfix or other rental businesses if they want to rental or watch American DVDs online. Good luck...
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    HmSA's 3rd Annual MR. HMONG Competition

    I agree with partial of what you said. There's no point with the title Mr. Hmong if all a Hmong guy just have to play a piano or a guitar. Those things are most guys specialties. Too many guys know how to play those instruments. Not that I complain. Mr. Hmong should focus on some thing much...
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    How much money do I need for Thailand/Laos?

    14 days. 8 days in Bankgkok and the rest in Chiangmai. About $2.50 for each of those frozen food in containers. The cashier always unfrozen them for me. They tasted quite good. I always bought the ones with rice and fried chopped pork.That's why I had no reason to go eat in restaurants. Or...
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    How much money do I need for Thailand/Laos?

    I think I probably spent $3000 for my whole trip (flights + hotels + personal expenses). I only stayed in cheap hotels and ate cheap food. During my last week in Bangkok, I only ate food from those 7Seven stores. Hahahaha... I didn't bother to buy much clothes because they cost almost the same...
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    How much money do I need for Thailand/Laos?

    My friend asked a Hmong guy, the photographer, and he told us that the owner was probably selling for 7000-9000 baht. That's why we were shocked and just didn't pay attention to even look, but we rent the clothes for only 100 baht per custom to take pictures though.
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    How much money do I need for Thailand/Laos?

    I agree with what vanggirlie said. I couldn't believe Hmong people in Thailand selling Hmong clothes for 7000-9000 baht. Who would want to buy if they cost that much? I rather buy in the US than buying there and have to carry and bring home with me.
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    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    Going to Laos directly will probably cost a lot of probably no flights available. Yep, it was flooded up North. I took a bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, and everywhere was flooded. Luckily, I came back before the city was also flooded. I should have gone with someone. I was so bored in Bangkok.
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    New Year booths

    I go to the New Year to buy Hmong music CDs, but I don't know if music booths will make much money considering you have to pay a lot for the booth, and the competion from other vendors. I think those selling food make the most money since almost everyone who goes there will buy food and not...