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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One) cr: owner
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    I gave up hope for Grate/Matt since their last lakorn together. But at least he is her best friend. I did not watch him with Eye but heard they were cute together in the sixth sense. I am all for Matt/Film. Matt looks like she is playing the crazy N'ek again.
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    Mai Davika (FASHIONREVIEW vol. 31 no. 355 November 2012)

    Beautiful hair. She should keep it dark like that cause it brings out everything else in her. The shoes got to go though. It makes her dress unattractive.
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    [Ch3] Mae Pia Due (UMA 99)

    Mai is hot. I think they go together. Hopefully, Marie improve a bit. She's adorable when she smiles.
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    Kob Suvanant (PRAEW vol. 34 no. 796 October 2012)

    To me the eyes is a dead give away no matter the makeup and the shape of her face. But her lips. They are ugly in here. It seems...I don't know the right word but not attractive. I like the bang though.
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    [Ch3] Fai Nai Wayu (Tv Scene)

    I have been waiting for Matt to pair up with Aum but this lakorn is yawning worthy. I hope that channel 3 add some things to make it better than the orginal. Because N'ek in here is almost invisible since it's all about Pra'ek. And why are they remaking Araya's lakorn when she is still young and...
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    Matt looks so freaking pretty in the first pic. I am always jealous of her eyes. They are teasing me with all these pics. Film looks nice with the hair cut. He's more suitable with it than the longer hair. Hopefully, they'll finish this up within the next two months. Got looks funny. But from...
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    The fake driving reminds me of a scene in Kularb Rai...I was watching the clip of Film trying to open Matt's eyes at the wedding and I notice Film got a very slender pretty fingers for a man.
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    Ken Phupoom and Baifern Pimchanok (PRIEW vol. 31 no. 698 October 2012)

    Fern looks like an anime cartoon. Very pretty. comment
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    The picture with Matt in the red dress and messy hair plus Film and his dirty shirt looked like they just got done doing the...(mind in the gutter). And why does Matt seems to be pinching her nose around Film? Does he smells that bad to her? LOL. Super excited for this lakorn.
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    Such a nice picture. Matt looks so pretty with the straight hair. The pictures are just feeding my excitement for this lakorn.
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    The Devil and the Fallen Angel

    Chapter Twenty-One The days seemed to wear on lazily but somehow two months said hello and goodbye faster than Matt would have liked. Things have changed between Matt and Andrew but if it’s for the better depend on which side of the coin is being looked at. She shoved a spoonful of ice...
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    [Ch3] Phan Rai Phai Ruk (Master One)

    Thanks for sharing the pics...seeing them makes me want to watch this lakorn sooner rather than later. I'm not sure what it is about Film in these pics that made me think he's cute. Anyway, cute couple.
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    The Devil and the Fallen Angel

    Chapter Twenty Andrew sat patiently waiting for Matt. He knew if he bothered her early in the morning nothing productive was going to come out of it. She’ll probably in no mood to discuss anything or at least the things that he wanted to say to her. That brought him back to last...
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    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [ Starplus ]

    Sanaya has such flawless skin it seemed to glow. And the picture where Arnav is looking at Khushi is heart stopping. Why is Anjali still with the "creep" seriously she is so pretty and sweet.