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    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    i don't like how she's still a guy. i was thinking by now he should at least know she's taddao and not tad lol. ugh...she probably wont be a girl until the last 2 episodes. -_- tad reminds me of justin bieber lmfao. they look like twins! :lol:
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    everyone is sharing

    LMFAO hahaha :lol: she had to get them for me. i txted her like everyday about it lol. she only loves me b/c i demand her too. but its still love so i'll take it ^_^ yes a buh-rai-yan poster (i like how ho-dong says his name lol) i'm still trying to figure out where to put it. i have what...
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    everyone is sharing

    i haven't done a picture upload in a while and so i wanted to share this b/c my RR (Rahut-Rissaya) loves me so much :wub: more like I demanded her to bring me something back from S.Korea lol. i'm loving EVERYTHING. dont want to stretch out my khunnies face so i haven't worn my socks yet. i've...
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    so is this one worth watching? i'm 50/50 on it. since i have this whole weekend to myself i'm going to try and catch up on my lakorns. let me know what you all think.
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    The Scent of Him

    anavang i'm gonna try to post up the next chapter 2night. sorry i didnt realize school would make me so busy. aiko! thanks for reading...its been so long. i finally have this weekend off to relax. i'm gonna spend all my time on sw lmao :D
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    Bangkok Traffic Love Story

    this was a cute movie. i thought their relationship started way too quick and ended way too quick though. i sure do love all her bags in here. idk if she's supposed to be poor but she has an LV bag :o lol
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    i miss sw. but i'm free..i'll be spamming all weekend long lol.

    i miss sw. but i'm free..i'll be spamming all weekend long lol.
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    i miss sw. but i'm free..i'll be spamming all weekend long lol.

    i miss sw. but i'm free..i'll be spamming all weekend long lol.
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    oh man this party was ruckus! i had such a good time. i think i only sat out on like 2 songs. i'm pretty sure majority of the people there were drunk after 10 but damn who cares it was sooooo fun! this was probably the BEST hmong party i'd ever gone too. i have to say whoever didnt go missed...
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    OH MY DAMN! everyday i check sw to see if theres any shoots of krit...MY GAWD FINALLY! he's looking great, happy, and healthy. so GLAD he opted not do do anymore funky poses hahahaha *yall know the poses i'm talking about hahaha* the fan girl in me says HOLY SH*T HE'S FREAKN HOOOTTTT!!! I...
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    The Scent of Him

    Darn it guys! I'm on a road trip. I typed up chapter 2 and I was going 2 post it later on 2night when I got my destination but I toally forgot 2 bring my labtop with me. =( since I'm not driving I'm using my blakcberry 2 log on here. I promise when I get back home that will be the first thing I...
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    omgsh are you serious! i'm wearing the same thing LOL :lol:
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    Teya Rogers

    OH DARN I MISSED IT TOO! I saw the preview for it last night and i was like UH HUH IMMA WATCH THAT TOMORROW! =( ugh shucks! Starry you should upload it =) shoot i missed three rivers tonight too ugh T_T
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    We should have a SW gathering. I'm going to be in sac for new years YAY. Would love to take pics with you all =)
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    maiv xyoo's new album

    I saw her in concert 3 weekends ago...hmmm was it 3 weekends ago?... She really lost a lot of weight! She's so tiny. She's always been tiny but wow now shes extra tiny! lol. I'm still not a big fan of hers but i have to say her live performance was not bad. She sounded exactly like on cd so...