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    ❤️[CH3]Kaen Ruk Salub Chata (Magic If One): Alek Theeradeth/Namtarn Pichukkana/Krating Khunnarong/Bua Wansiri

    I haven't been watching this but kinda reading here and there. I know originally Krating is the good one and Alek was the bad one but they got switched so that means Krating is the bad one and Alek is the good one but then they never got their real body back so was Krating bad the whole time...
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    [CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma

    Idk why the remade this drama. Tbh the old version with Aum was bad too.
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    [ONE31] Sai Roong (Change2561): Pong Nawat / Sammy Cowell / Iang Sittha

    Still wished it was Aum. I guess Aum is forever demoted now.
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Dome's wife is not the prettiest but I find her so cute and charming. I love her personality.
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    [CH3] The World of the Married

    Yup that's what I hate about Thai ET. All the older generation pra'ek gets the cheater roles and all the older nang'ek gets housewives roles where they get cheated on. I'm so sick of these storyline. That's why I haven't been watching my favorites from the older generations bc of these types of...
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    [Ch3] Karn Kridsana (Makers Group): Nadech Kugimiya/ Taew Natapohn

    It's already been 6 yrs since they had their last lakorn together? Didn't seem like it was that long ago. Anyways, I want to see Nadech with someone who he hasn't acted with before bc there are still so many beautiful actresses left in ch3 that he hasn't acted with before.
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    [CH3] The World of the Married

    I wonder who's going to play the mistress. Idk but I still don't want to see Ken play a cheater.
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    [CH3] Ruk Nee Run Juntra (Cholumpi Production) : Ken Theeradeth / Ice Preechaya

    Ken looks so good. Makes me want to see him in a lakorn with Yaya eventhough he's much older.
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    [CH3] Hai Ruk Pipaksa: Dare To Love (Cholumpi Production) : Bella Ranee / Peak Kongthap

    This guy looks better in motion than in pics. I can feel his chemistry with Bella.
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    [CH3] Ruk Nee Run Juntra (Cholumpi Production) : Ken Theeradeth / Ice Preechaya

    Dang Ken looks so good in here but don't know if I'll be watching this since I'm not into Ice.
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    [CH7] Sua Sung Fah 3: Satja Nai Chum Jon (Kantana): Om Akapan/ Praew Chermawee

    So glad Praew finally gets a leading role. She's pretty cute.
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    [CH3] The World of the Married

    This korean drama was so popular but seriously the main leads character were frustrating to watch... I'm gonna hate Ken's character in here if he's playing the husband.
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Dang! Ch3 makes alot of money.