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    [Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    I was just about to post this haha. You beat me to it! lol. I’m definitely excited to see the next episode!
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    [Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    Like I said earlier I never thought I would see Mookda in such a raeng bed scene lol. I really liked the first episode. Quick and straight to the point. I don’t really dislike that many characters yet. Obviously that will probably change later. Pek is wrong for thinking nek is a prositute though...
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    [Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    That is where I saw it too lol. I would say cause its free but I don't see it on there yet. I have a membership with mailmar tv, that's where I usually watch lakorns.
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    [Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    I need to go watch the whole thing but I saw the bed scene and it’s pretty raeng. Never thought I’d see Mookda in a role like this. They were making out and everything lol
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    [CH3] Monrak Nong Phak Kayaeng (Act Art) : Nadech Kugimiya / Bow Maylada

    They look cute lol. I like this picture of them. I’m really excited for this! Hope it’s good!
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    [CH3] Rakkaew (Change2561): Kao Supassara / Peach Pachara

    This is pretty much confirming that Kao and Peach will be in a new project soon so it’ll probably definitely be this.
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Daradaily said Kao and Peach fans don’t be sad just yet because soon they will have a lakorn. I’m like 98% sure then that they will be in that change lakorn.
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    [CH7] Jak Satroo Soo Hua Jai (Mummai) : Mik Thongraya / Aum Patchrapa

    Yes, they are trying to go head to head with those lakorns.
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Yes, she never even says bad things about him either. I did see her cry at a show recently but it’s cause Peemai did stuff for her for upcoming Mother’s Day. Aff keeps it very classy and quiet.
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    [ONE31] Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (The One Enterprise): Aff Taksaorn / Tor Thanapob

    Here’s what you guys have been waiting for!
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    [Ch3] Roy Leh Marnya (Maker J Group) Pope Tanawat & Bella Ranee

    Rumor has it that this is airing very soon.
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    [CH3] Rakkaew (Change2561): Kao Supassara / Peach Pachara

    That is very true. Chom is a very rare case but her moving made her popularity rise. It was a good choice. No one else is really lucky like that. But I also think Bow will be fine. I mean she got Ch3’s top pek for her first lakorn so that shows a lot because honestly Nadech doesn’t really have...
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    [CH3] Rakkaew (Change2561): Kao Supassara / Peach Pachara

    Yes, I noticed that she must really want to work with Sammy lol. Im pretty sure Sammy will not sign with Ch3 but I think she will be a freelance. I just don’t think she would cause there’s too many neks there already plus Sammy is almost hitting 30 and I doubt Ch3 would give her great projects...
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    [CH3] Wasana Rak(Maker K): Nychaa Nuttanicha/Ice Panuwat

    Toong Saneha did pretty well so I wonder how this one will do. At least they didn’t take years to air this second part like how they die Raeng Ngao! Lol