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    ❤️[CH7] Prom Pissawad (Magic If) : Boom Piyaphun/ Pim Pimprapa

    for some reason I just can’t sympathize with I the only one who thinks he hasnt suffer enough? I don’t want them back together!!!!
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    ❤️[CH3] Lub Luang Jai (TV Scene) : Grate Warintorn / Diana Flipo / Masu Junyangdikul

    Y’all know I’m going to be honest here, watching this Lakorn I had to question myself if Great and Diana where the main couple in here. Every single scene was about Jo and side characters. I didn’t think they would end the episode at 11 and wrap it all up. So many twist and turns....I didn’t...
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    Bitter Flowers NEW UPDATE {-Ch 14-}

    Hi guys, I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been super busy lately and traveling atm. But I will try to update for u guys. Thank you guys so so much for the love.
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    Bitter Flowers NEW UPDATE {-Ch 14-}

    Bitter Flowers Chapter 14 When the door finally opens, taking the breath out of Jen, her whole body shook, while her eyes shifted and she gazed up unexpectedly to meet her ex-husband. Without a another thought, she made her way in. Nadech was applauded. He tighten the string to his robe...
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    LOL I think the movie is terrible but the book gives u more juice. Just a head up if u ever want to watch it or read it
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    [CH3] Prom Likit (Broadcast Thai) : Bpoop Phaeh Sanniwas Cast?

    Ugly duckling series 4: Boy’s Paradise
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    [CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    I think I’m the only that has been disappointed. ATM I’m very frustrated for all 4 episodes. I like some scenes and then I don’t. Like I really hate all the staring scenes or staring into the distance. Sure Alice and Davin at the beach being together is a nice sight but it’s kinda boring. Their...
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    ❤️[ONE31] Hua Jai Sila (?): Tor Thanaphob/ Fernynop Nopjira/ Ann Sirium/ Ben Raviyanun/

    Omgah I use to love this lakorn. But for one, I would like to not make then n’ek so annoying and following p’ek everywhere. I mean yeah I love bike and fang but u got to admit fangs character was quiet annoying. I hope they make her a bit smarter and I hope they keep the r-scene in here but they...
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    [CH3] Koo Gum - Sunset at Chaophraya (Act Art)

    OMGAH Benz would be great. I’ve been waiting for them to actually give her a good lakorn. Not saying naree wasn’t good. It was but if she is in this it’ll be great.
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    [CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    I mean it’s not that she didn’t want Nadech, I guess she had some other reasons as to why she had asked Nadech’s mom and her husband to raise Nadech.
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    [CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    Nadech has never seen his real dad before. But I am sure he has seen pictures of his real mom. Anyways story told short, Nadech biological mom did not want Nadech and gave him to her mom now to take care of. Nadech’s mom took him in and raised him with his Japanese dad. If I am correct and...
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    [CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    Me too, like for real. Just some scenes to tug at my heart and make me grin like an idiot. So far, I haven’t gotten that yet. Tbh some scenes in here do make me laugh out loud like their not funny but the way they shot it made me laugh. But I need some real romantic scenes.
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    [CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    praying, no more fight scenes and being fake. I just what them all to be honest and truthful with each other. LMAO two episodes back to back with some actions is so boring. I hope it doesn’t continue every episode where they run and shoot guns. Lol some romantic scenes pls...
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    [CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    Where can I watch this live?