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    Lakorn Makeup

    Hmmm, I use primer too but since I have very oily skin, my face tends to shine mid-day causing my makeup to smudge. It might just be the primer. I use the eye primer from urban decay as well and can confirm that it's good, but haven't tried the face version. Since oil never breaks out on my...
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    Lakorn Makeup

    Does anyone know what kind of makeup they use on the female characters in lakorns? Every time I see a n'ek or n'rai cry, their faces almost never get ruin. It stays like, perfect, you know what I mean? I'm thinking "What makeup are they using? I sure would like to get some of that."
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    Prize Ideas?

    Hi Everyone, My department is having a team building game and I was put in charge for prizes. There will be first, second, and last place prizes. We currently have something funny in store for the team that is last place, however, I'm having trouble coming up with prize ideas for 1st and 2nd...
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Oh shoot, I completely forgot about that scene. I mean, there were so many cute and funny scenes today that the thought to look for the scene of the three gals never came in mind. Well, I'm on vacation for the whole week and planning on relaxing and enjoying all the upcoming episodes.
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Today's episode is so cute. So far, I like it how the previews are actually of the next episode not the episode after. We're going to see all the couples tomorrow.
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    After finishing DJA, I would like to read the novels although I'm not 100% fluent in reading Thai. For those of you who already read all the novels, which story would you recommend? I want to try to read one story first and see how it goes before deciding to buy the rest of the set or not...
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    I was surfing youtube for some DJA clips and found this one on wishboniko's channel, uploaded by paajeaw. This thread just keeps getting bigger and bigger with people posting so frequently, so sorry if it already has be posted on here. It's a clip of bloopers from DJA with the last scene being...
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    Faad Na Ya(who & who)

    I love this lakorn. Other than Barry and Yaya's, this is one that I look forward every week. Next week, it seems Por will show more of his feelings to Kat, although he knows her to be a transgender.
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    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    I really haven't been following the news and updates on this lakorn at all, so can someone give me a summary? All I know is that its a story about the relationship between a married couple. But with the psychic giving anne a diary for her to see her future, is the bulk of the story going to be...
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    Malai Sarm Chai (Exact)

    I like how this story is going at a good pace. It's a good thing that the lakorn has up to three stories to tell, so not much room to make it drag by adding unnecessary things like too many misunderstandings between the main couples. Still, it remains to be seen how long aom's and son's story...
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    [Ch7] Tawee Pope (Polyplus)

    I hope its not Weir, he needs to go offscreen just a bit. I'm kinda tired seeing him already. Num, however I agree is perfect, or maybe even Kade. I still miss Kade even after that lakorn with Mo. As for the n'ek, I still can't think of one (as far as ch 7 actresses) who would be able to...
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    anticipating tomorrow's episode. The preview was pretty funny with Jane bringing the painting to her sisters and was like "i have to bring this to you cause I told vee that I have it to get him to marry me" Then with the bg music mirroring Jidthree thoughts "you did what? are u fking out of...
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    Sai Soke(No Problem)

    Just looked up the word in thai wikipedia and it's leprosy. I hope I got the spelling in thai right else, it maybe be some other disease, but I'm pretty sure it's leprosy even though it does not look like bann yen has it.
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    Anyone know if it's ending this week or maybe next week?
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    It's kinda of good that Vee found out that Ooth was Nooth and sad at the same time see his disappointment that nooth still doesn't trust him enough to reveal herself even though he hurts her to finally prove what he suspected. Not sure I interpret the mood correctly at the end, he seem sad and...