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    [Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)

    Just finished watching the first episode and loved it! The two of them are just to cute together! I'm glad I watched it! I haven't watched a lakorn for almost a year now. I can't wait to see more!! :dance1: Yaya and Nadech are great together. I love how Nangfah always sticks to him no matter...
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    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    Thanks for sharing tracy! They all look so cute! I love the first one! I hope that I can find the book, my friend told me that for these books at least 20-30 of them come out each week because it's so popular in Thailand. I think thats why they use so many of these books for lakorns.
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    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    Sorry gals about the late reply! I went to the bookstore and they didn't have the book. I will go hunt for it again this weekend. I looked online and found that there is another book with the same title that have two volumes. lol, not the same story at all. I'll update once I go! I still have...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Ork Akard (Polyplus)

    Looks interesting! What is the summary for this lakorn? I just read about this lakorn the other day and see that they are already filming for the lakron. Om is cute, good to see that they are pairing Cherry with other guys (getting a little bored with Mart). Looking forward to this lakorn. Om is...
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    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    I can actually go to the book store and look for it. My Thai friend is going with me so I can ask her to give me the summary, maybe she's even read it. I'll get back to you gals tomorrow.
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    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    Dang, I haven't been here for so long that I almost couldn't log in! :facepalm: :facepalm: When I first read that KA were getting back for this lakorn I was super excited and here I am again! It's been a while since a Thai lakorn has captured my attention. :dance1: I can't wait for the...
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    Dok Som See Thong(Broadcast thai)

    ^ lol I just randomly watched a clip and she slepted with a guy she was calling Khun Po I thought she was saying father and I was like ewwww! lol! After reading the comments I guess I was hearing it wrong. Man, But I don't get her reason for doing all of this. Donut seems like a nice girl so I...
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    Kularb Rai Glay Ruk (Duang Malee Manee Jun)

    I loved Great in his lakorn with Benz and have been following him since. I love his smile. I was wondering if he was going to have a lakorn and see this! I'm excited to watch this! I never seen Matt before but have heard favorable things about her. She looks very pretty in the trailer too...
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    lol, I thought I saw him somewhere before. I'm sure he'll have a break out role in the future. The ratings are good. I'm sure they will increase as we see them fall in love.
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    I can't wait for next weeks episode. I do thing that the fang thing is too much but I guess it works since they are vampires and such. I do think that Ploys voice is kind of annoying but it think it's about of her character. I think that the vampire girl is very weird, I laughed the part where...
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    Dang missed the first half and it also ended abruptly. I think that that newspaper girl is so stupid, shes not being careful with the people she is meeting. I really like Ploy in here but her voice can some what annoy me in some parts. :coverlaf:
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    I'm loving this lakorn! Dome is doing a great job as a vampire and Ploy is very pretty. I just think that the action is a little slow but whatever.
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    punch! :lolyup: Shin-chan
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    *Fanmade MV's

    365 Days of Love
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    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    Finally got one video down! Enjoy it everyone. I will try to finish collecting all the clips. It's been forever since I've came back here. Miss Ken and Ann so much!