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  • GG! I super duper duper miss you! Where have you been? I was on msn all day Tuesday and I didnt even see you. Anywho love thanks for the birthday comment. TTLY
    Aww,GP I miss u and other so much but I have summer program (medical program) to go and work 1-5pm in a hospital and it's far away from my house. I'm stress out how I can get to work, since I can't take the bus cuz wont make its on time. I have 3 summer projects to get finish. This week and weekend I babysit my niece and nephew. I have to get new clothes for my job. I miss u so much I
    heehee i wanted to leave my mark and give you a formal hello^^...and to tell you that aum atichart/harit 2008 is mine...ahahaha
    I about to sign off, I have to do my report for school. I will try to drop by every day to you my darling. I'm not sure if I'm off on Friday, have to ask my teacher tomorrow when I go to school.What time do you and other girls sign on msn? Tell other JLR sisters I said HI and give them a HUGS and KISSES for me. Maybe I see you in Sawa Biang thread since that is the lakorn I'm watching
    Hey GP, my Spring Break over ready, tomorrow I'm back to school, it suck, my Spring break is so short. Keep in touch!
    Yeah, I'm on Spring Break, my parents been sick this pass week and today my aunt call she said she was misscarriagem, I was sad and feel sorry for my auntie and uncle.
    Hi!!!! sorry if i wasn't myself today...i'll catch u later...have a good day tomorrow!!!!!!!! love ya
    Good day to you my dear!!! I loved the vdo is was funny and sweet --just like you! I tried to leave a comment on YT for you but it was being crazy again! LOL i hope you have a good day if I don't catch you later big hugs and kisses to you!!!
    That was today post, I have no work to do for my third period class so it free time. YEAH. Maybe on spring break I can chat with my JLR ladies and my TWIN's auntie. Third quarter always the busy quarter in school year for me. Teacher give out many project and report.
    My darling, I busy with school and the twin. hehe I miss you and everyone plus JLR but it all good cuz I have Harit next to me every day. hehe I'm at school right now, just finish presentation my National History with my lil sis and friend. I'm so happy my teacher like it but there few thing we have to fix, which that goin to keep me busy. I hope when all my work done, I could join and cha
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