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    Noon Woranuch

    wow, she's so pretty!!
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    Nadia Nimitwanich

    I almost didn't recognize her, she looks so young and fresh and pretty.
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    Nathalie Davis

    I like her very much in the pic with the glasses.
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    Pinky Savika

    wow, very pretty but i like the pics toward the end, the first ones just looked a bit off for me.
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    Ann Thongprasom

    nice and pretty but her eyebrows stand out too much, i just want them to be a bit more defined and tamed.
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    Siriam Pakdeedamrongrit [Ann]

    wow... very beautiful.
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    Araya A Haget [Chompoo]

    it looks like she has contacts on cuz her eyes look a bit blue.
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)

    I love num in these roles and the shades are hot but i'm not digging noon's wigs, a bit too fake.
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    Ann Alicia & Puri

    I like the 2nd pic, very cute. I think the dark eyebrow on her makes her look older though.
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    there's something about her eyes that i just like.
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    Kwan Usamanee

    she looks very pretty here and i can't believe how skinny she is too.
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    Anne Thongprasom & Aum Aritichart:When we First Met

    the cover shocked me. skin & touching.
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    Pirates of the Carribean 4

    no bloom or knigthly? sad but yah! cuz i'm sure that it will be one heck of a story... can't wait!!!
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    thanks for the translations, I love the song even more now that i know the meaning behind it. i'm starting to get hook on this lakorn. i hope the pra'nangs will improve their acting cuz i want to see them more in the future, they're doing very well but i think it still easy to spot them as...