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    chin chinawut

    for me, i like the guy, i think hes good performer and singer! and hes realllyyyy hot too!
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    Is Mayura going to do a voice over for Sawan Bieng?

    it is dubbed already, i saw it on youtube! dont know if its fully uploaded yet though...
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    Did Vicki and Chai broken up??

    vicki is freakin gorgeous as hell! i love her
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    I heard Yardthip and Tye Nattapol are dating??

    hes absolutley gorgeous n hot and so is yard, they would look great together!!
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    haha OMGGGG i was like r u serious>
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    Chakrit & Jet Li

    krit looks better now
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    bankok dangerous

    is it out in thailand already?
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    bankok dangerous

    is it out in thailand already?
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    Yardthip & Por Tiksadee:Bleeding Love

    wow they both look great!!
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    when our celebrity were young

    WOW so many look the same! except vicki, i thought she looked way different as a kid!
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    Por T., Ja Jittapa, Aun W., Yardthip: 38th Anniversary

    yard is the only one that looks good. por looks super young here.
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    ok I need YOUR HELP!!!!

    YES!!! OMG thanks!!! i spent like an hr. yesterday tryin to find it!!!
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    ok I need YOUR HELP!!!!

    okay so i'm looking for the thread from about a month or two ago i think, it was about tye and yard on ratree samorson....and it had a bunch of pics from the show! i tried looking for it and i couldnt find it! im not sure if its deleted, but i really need to find it! so if you know what im...
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    Junpow Klatch Kai Juvai Klatch Jet (mayura dubbed) -pat & nutt

    yes it is my favorite lakorn ever!!!! i own a copy and i have watched it a hundred times already! can never get sick of it!
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    oh it is!