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    my covers :)

    aww thank you. i havent had time to update. been working and school and other things just made it really difficult. ill post up something real soon :]
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    Asian Fuse Idol

    dam it...i jsut heard about it today =[
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    [Ch3] Saab Pra Peng (Pau Jing Jong)

    ahh <3 lakorn sounds interesting! i don't know....barry and anne is definitely not a couple i would like to see together. Age difference does not really matter, but the fact that nadech looks too young to look good with anne is really obvious to me. if they are paired up together, i hope that...
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    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    I definitely agree! I honestly believe that Yaya is more suited and definitely has a better chance at getting the role. Matt is very pretty and highly capable, but I just cannot see her acting as Prissana. However, if she is chosen, I am sure that she can deliver a good performance. But thinking...
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    Barry Nadech & Janie Thienphosuwan

    oemgeee. so hot..janie is lucky! lol
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    SW switch? Poll Question

    wow, i feel so late. sorry I have not been active recently. i believe that as long as the content does not change then everything should be fine. i do have a long history with "Sarnworld" but if the name is going to change to make it more neutral since we all contribute then it is fine by me.
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    Mafia, My Love 2

    Asia International, Inc.
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    omg~ i am so in love with how sweet this lakorn is. I feel the old thai lakorn vibe from it and i am loving it. as much as i love it, i just want it to end already though. pissamai needs to get a good hobby to stop herself from being so desperate. side note: does anyone notice it, or is it just...
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    Mafia, My Love 2

    The Next Morning Jian Hao was loading his suitcase into the trunk of the car while everyone was standing by to send him off. "I will be off now," said Jian Hao, bowing. "Please take care of yourselves." "Stay safe," said Min. Jian Hao opened the passenger door. "Wait!" Mee said suddenly...
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    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    no no no! don't be sorry. I'm sorry that I was not specific enough. I really do like it though. gives me an idea for my next fanfic :) it's just that cee looks like the bad guy/bodyguard when kibum is suppose to be the bodyguard. and it looks like tah is going to be paired with pei. but here is...
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    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    thank you!!! the artwork is so good! but sorry to be a pooper...but i dont think it follows the story line....SORRY....but i will still use it...can i get the posters without the title on it? i have an idea for another fanfic :)
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    FF Wallpapers/Poster Requests

    haha. the quotes are just to give you an idea but it would be nice. These are the best pictures that I could find >.<;;; Tah Warit: Ice Apisada: Lee Min Ki:
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    FF Wallpapers/Poster Requests

    Title: Mafia, My Love 2 Cast: Main Protagonist: Kim Kibum, Cee Siwat, Ahyoomee Lee, Pei Parnward. Main Antagonist: Tah Warit, Ice Apisada, Lee Min Ki. Genre: Romance, Comedy, and a bit of drama. It will have the same air as Mafia, Tee Ruk but some times it will be lighter, and sometimes it will...
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    Author READ !!!!!!!! Ready to update!!!!

    Hi :). Can you please move "Mafia, My Love 2" for me? I just updated. Thank you. :)
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    Mafia, My Love 2

    Hong Kong International Airport "Khun Mae ka~ I do not understand why P' Pei and I have to go all the way to Thailand for," whined Ahyoomee, clinging to her mother's arm. "Are you really going to send me off to the world all alone and unprotected?" "Stop it sweetie, you are so grown and capable...