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    So no news for chicago area huh?
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    Are you a messy person?

    Ew! That's just hekka gross!! Yuck! Food everywhere! Kinda reminds me of one of my friend that I went to his house before. But that's just way tooooo much!! Never seen a messy place like this one before!! As for me, I'm clean, a neat freak you can say but there are times when I do have some...
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    Oh really? That'll be cool if you come down! Im going for sure, to both concerts!!!
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    AH! I love Tuktan and Palapol and Mike! The Tequila Night Club is like right near where I live! Thanks Sunny!!!
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    Who do you really want to see Sririta with?

    I have to say Chakrit&ken!!!!
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    Pat's sexy in TV Inside (latest)

    can anyone please post up the link for that here? THanks
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    Numfone Komolthiti

    She had a few lakorns with Kelly back in the days. But I forgot what it's called. She's a really good actress. I love her and miss seeing her onscreen. Last lakorn I saw her act in was Nai Hoy Tamin and her acting in that lakorn was just great, speaking ee san and singing....
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    Anyone going to support Chakrit in Bangkok Dangerous this weekend?

    I'll be out saturday night watching it with a whole bunch of my friends. Of course I gotta go out and support the handsome Chakrit, along with Pei and Dom. Not a BIG fan of Nicolas Cage what so ever. I'm pretty excited to see this!
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    Who Looks and Acts Better?

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    The next phone that I want! Like really bad! I wanna upgrade my phone to that! T-mobile Shadow! Sadly Im like broke!
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    They all look nice! Ice, the first sony ericsson, is that one of the latest one? It looks really nice. I have the white one of the 2nd sony ericsson you have! I love t-mobile and I wouldn't change it for any other service! My very very first cell phone was a nokia6103, which didn't last too...
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    Lao American teens-Young adults who can sing morlum

    I say I'm not the best in singing. But I do sing along when I listen to my ipod and cds. Yes, that includes mor lum and loog toong too. Like the soundtrack to Alexandra&Wier's lakorn, Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong and Alexandra's soundtrack. I sing along with what ever fits my ears. Lol
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    Num and Mam's old lakorn...

    Yep the lakorn was Waan Jai Thailand! Love that lakorn. That's when i still like Mam K. alot
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    What are you 4th of July plans?

    4th of july and the whole weekend was so much fun! everything went as planned! So I'm happy! Hehehehe
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    What are you 4th of July plans?

    I just hope that everything will work out just fine! I used to not like rollarcoaster much cus I'm scared of height. My eyes are always close on the rollercoaster. LOL But now I love them. They're so much fun to go on even tho Im still scared of height. LOL