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  • It's raining and my new roomie snores. ;_; lol.
    Mnm. I could be better. Spring break is over, but I still haven't been into any lakorn since 4 HJHKK. Tried watching KLRGR, but eventually I found it boring even though Matt's performance was superb as expected.
    And how have you been ja Dal ja? :)
    Btw. Happy Belated na!
    mark's conception= the w in KKK episode 10 because they'll have a son named mark to remind markie
    Hey Dal! I haven't been back on this site in soooo long but YADECH brought me back and now Noon and Pong's new lakorn...hope you are well!!!
    Eating the best chicken salad crossiant, EVER. Delicious...mmmmmm
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    where? i may try it if i can
    bong, now im hungry! haha
    I prefer stuffing myself with those chocolate cookies. No such thing as sweetness overload, I'll tell ya! ;)
    Happy New Year! Wishing everyone happiness, joy, peace, and LOVE for 2011, ja!
    A NEW YEAR, A NEW START! Let's celebrate the JOY of happiness!
    i love thai lakorn mak ka, and follow all the lakorn that been eng subbed and currently aired
    how bout you?
    Dal, ok ja. I'll keep translating things and will chat with you guys there. It's still slow for me maybe because I'm Thailand. Keep in touch sometimes na.
    Dal, thanks for the news. I join the forum already. I haven't post anything coz it's very slow for me. I'll help translating some news of the 7 casts from times to times na.
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