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    Pepper & Earn @ Event

    So glad that after all this time, they are going public. They are a very cute couple!
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    10 Nang Ek CH7.

    Kob FTW!!
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    How long does it take to buy lakorns from Sarn?

    I ordered a lakorn from her once and she sent it out quickly. I guess it depends on your form of payment? I paid her with paypal so once she recieved it, she sent it out immediately and I got mine about a week later. And she did this right before she went on vacation out of the states too. I...
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    Anne & Ken:Unicef Ambassador for Thailand

    Thanks tinah for adding more pics! I'll never get tired of the two of them together... :wub:
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    Anne & Ken:Unicef Ambassador for Thailand

    They just ooze chemistry, it's so ridiculous!
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    [KBS2] 3 Dads 1 Mom

    This series is extremely amusing and so far, so good. I hear there is only a few episodes left. Definitely a must see! :D
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    Ken & Anne:Talk of the Town

    Can they be anymore compatible??? Love these two together!
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    Sawan Bien Beat JLR!

    Yay!! Sawan Bieng for the WIN!!! B)
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    Sawan Being

    You can't fake the lip smack noise, LOL :P
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    Sawan Being

    I believe they really did kiss. It's right before the rape scene and she's screaming her head off for someone to help. To shut her up, he kissed her on the lips! She of course is shocked and starts to yell and to shut her up again, he kisses her on the lips once more. To me, it's clear as...
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    kob and dennis oneil mv

    Why couldn't it be real????? LOL!
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    Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan???

    She has been in quite a few dramas but I think her most popular ones are Chinese Paladin, The Outsiders 1 & 2, White Robe of Love, Legend of Flying Fox and Snowy Mountain to name a few...
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    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    I don't think Ai kicks Lai and her mother out. Lai decides to leave because the truth is out and I guess she feels like she's no longer needed. In the preview though, he did say something like "if you want to leave, then go." Then she goes and proposes to Jao Noi too.... DYING TO SEE WHAT...
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    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    I loved the beginning of Episode 9 where Ai is sick and Lai takes care of him. She was so attentive and caring towards him. If Ai doesn't notice the spark, then he's dense! LOL.