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    Voyage au Laos en 90 Questions / ທ່ອງທ່ຽວປະເທດລາວ ໄປກັບ 90 ຄຳຖາມ

    Wanna test your knowledge about Laos ?? Here is a new cardgame with questions related to Laos to enjoy with family and friends :nut: :naughty2: !! Now Available in France ! Check it out ...;)
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    Lao News

    Hello, If u want to check out for the latest news about Laos on the Web & Tweets, here it is: :)
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    What are your TOP 3 favourites Lao foods ?

    What are your favourite Lao dishes that u will never get bored to eat ?? :p
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    Anan's Artwork & Crafts

    Create your own Arcade Gaming Console Christmas is coming !! Why not creating your own arcade gaming console to rediscover old video games with your friends and/or family ?? :confused12: Here is my latest little creation. >Check my page if you want to know the step by step here. :p and...
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    The RANDOMNESS Thread

    Welcome to AsianFuse @Maricon !!! :) It's been agesssss that i haven't been there :rolleyes:... Probably 5 - 7 years passed by... and now wondering how are our old Sarnies there ??? :angel10: - married and settle down already ? - maybe have big kids already ?? - or still single and/or...
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    Here is mine : @ananfinity :P
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    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

      OMG, What a bad & awful memory u got on ur 1st run !!! lol... i wish i could be there to help u run more... freely!!! ^_^   5K is a good starting distance... start small, and have fun with the color run !!! ;) (I never tried that yet  lol... but it looks funny though, some of my friends did...
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    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

      Thank you aikoden !!! ^_^ The first step is always the hardest !!!! but running is the easiest sport to start with smoothly & slowly & for everyone... whatever u wanna stay fit, back to shape... or dream to run a marathon one day. Running (it was more "jogging") did help me to lose weight...
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    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

      5K is already good!!!!...  I also started with a little 5K, then 10K, 20K and full marathon :p   Everybody can run a marathon !!! ^_^ just need a little bit of training & never give up ! ^_^
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    12 Lao Runners ready to hit 26.1mi of LA Marathon this weekend ! ^_^

    March 15th 2015: LA Marathon !   At the Convention Center, LA downtown to pick up our BIB number...     Start at the Dodger stadium(LA downtown)... & at the finish line at Santa Monica beach with our Finisher medals !! ^_^     It was my toughest marathon so far because of the HEAT: nearly...
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    Anan's Pics & Cooking Experiments... :o]

      Thank you  !!! I might join again my runners friends again for LA marathon next year, if some of our AsianFuse members are there, Let's meet!!! ^_^
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    Anan's Pics & Cooking Experiments... :o]

    <Summer Trip />       @ Grace Cathedral, SF. @ Grace Cathedral, SF. @ Grace Cathedral, SF. @ Berkeley Uni.   @ San Mateo, CA.     Visit a friend @ OC...     I miss California already, anyone will do the 2015 LA marathon ??? :rolleyes:
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    A marriage life that doesn't go anywhere

      Did you talk to him about this issue ??? Living together isn't it all about sharing, discussing and caring for each other ?? If I were u, I will talk & clear out these "little" issues...: What do you want ? & what does he want ? Did u do something wrong ? I know that u girls(ladies)  keep all...
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    An Inconvenient Truth about: Guyz...

    Part 11: Men vs. Women in the morning...      
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    what does "calum" mean in laos and english?

      I think you are right !!! Taboo seems the closest-word to define "Khalum", the other term for me would be "inappropriate".   The elders use that word sometimes to teach young boys/girls about good manner (sometimes they are too lazy to explain, so they use this shortcut word), even when there...